Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Discovering Talent

Bojan is going into 6th grade.  Middle School.  Now, it is no secret Bojan has physical disabilities.  We've had him in soccer and basketball and such.  Bojan can not run.  Not saying it to be mean, just telling the facts.  It's not the prosthetic that gives him a hard time, it's the clubfoot.  See, Bojan came to us at 6yo.  Though he had a corrective surgery in his country, it was not enough.  He's had a few surgeries since being home.  However, they can only fix so much.  This never really was an issue.  But, once you hit middle and high school, you want to belong and many boys do this by joining sports.  This really isn't an option for Bojan w/ limited running ability.  Let's be honest.  He knows this. However, he's also known that we don't accept anyone's disability in this house as an excuse.  Find something else. 

 Bojan, did just that.  He found something else.  He discovered the trumpet.

Bojan holding the trumpet for the first time.  Others looking on too.  

Moment of pride.  this is his trumpet.  His turn to shine.  I do hope he keeps up with it and practices.  I really do. 

 Look at the look on his face.  Amazement, wonder, anticipation of what is to come.  He will belong with a group of friends in the band.  It is something he CAN do.  We look very forward to seeing if this is a new unfound talent for him.

Checking out the mouthpiece & valves.  We had to search for an instrument he could play w/ missing one finger and having extremely short digits on the right hand.  Never really was a problem till we went searching for something.  So, it was this, the trombone (to fragile w/ the slide for other kids to break here), or the drums (umm, no thank you).  Warren played the trumpet among other instruments for quite some time.  Trying to give Bojan some beginners pointers.  I can not wait really to go to his first performance.  This may be his undiscovered talent.  Who knows.  I just know if you can't do one thing around here, you find another.  No big deal.  This is true for all my kids.  

Another post coming SOON!  About a deaf baby available!  Can't wait to share. 

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