Monday, August 8, 2011


Digby has been with our family for a couple of months now.  For those new here and who don't know how Digby is, let me introduce you...

This is Digby.  We are not sure how old he is.  Vet said most likely a couple of years old.  See, Digby was our surprise dog.  As in surprise, we got another dog.  We went to drop off pet donations one day at Petsmart, same place we got Kota & Alaska from, and they were holding another adoption fair.  We were just going to look around. NO intentions whatsoever.  I mean shoot, we just had gotten the two puppies not too long before that.  But he was laying there.  Dirty, furry and laid back.  For some reason, the entire family was drawn to Diggs.  And, the rest they say is history.

This is Warren's dog.  Can you tell??  Digby howls when Warren gets home.  Follows him everywhere.  When it gets late in the afternoon and Digby knows Warren is coming home soon, Digby insists on going outside and waiting for Warren.  RUNS after the car when it pulls in the driveway.  Unreal.  The dog is the most loyal thing I've seen. 

Yes, this is our mellow fellow.  His name is Digby.  Nickname is Diggs once in awhile.  He listens, he's sweet and just loving to be around.  He puts up with the puppies which is more than I can say for us.  Digby now plays with Alaska and Kota.  He still is hopeful food will drop but will eat his dog food.  See, Digby was a rescue dog and came from a bad home.  They only fed him table scraps and he was tied up 24 hours a day.   His teeth are bad on the bottom which is most likely from trying to chew off the chain.  Now, he has no chains.  He is let outside whenever he wants but LOVES to sit on the couch on on his dog bed.  Sleeps in the room every night w/ us on his bed.   We have absolutely no regrets by bringing Digby into our lives.  This dog has fit perfectly into this crazy family at Chaos Manor.  Just wanted to share a bit about our Digby.  Still loved to pieces

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