Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deaf baby available!

Just became aware of a situation in EE.  There is a deaf baby boy available for adoption.  All I know thus far is he has a conductive loss.  He will turn 1 in September.  Otherwise, a healthy baby boy.  They want a family to be able to travel in mid-September.  So, a homestudy ready family is needed.  They will put together a mini-dossier so that they will be able to travel in September.  This precious one has a wonderful chance at a great life here but is destined to despair if he stays in his country.  Disabilities, such as deafness, are not looked upon kindly.   If you can be this little baby boy's parents, please, please step forward.  He is in a country that I am VERY familiar with.  Good majority of my kids from there.  And...there's your hint.  This little baby needs a family to help him reach his fullest potential.  It is endless at this young age.  If you know of anyone interested, please don't hesitate to contact Katie at Kids To Adopt.  Their website is  www.kidstoadopt.org .  It will have contact information on there.  And from my understanding there may be 2 other deaf children available in the same region.  Not sure on that though so don't quote me.  But the deaf baby needs a home and they want to work quickly.  This country is a two trip process though some choose to make 3 trips versus waiting for the mandatory wait period after court.  This little one is precious.  Please help spread the word as soon as possible.  September is right around the corner!  Thanks.

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