Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blast from the past!

Well, we've started a new month and it's time for another blast from the past segment.  Still amazes me each month how much my kids have changed & grown.  You'll see some of these from 2005 and go wow!  Little kids. 

 They look so little to me now.  This was the fab 5 back in August of 2005.  Getting ready for the first day of school.  My how they've grown.  Now you seen why we used to call Alex cotton top. 

This carpet used to be all over my house.  Remember how I at first was worried about bringing Bojan home while Alex was still healing?  Well, I think it worked out great.  These two became inseperable.  They loved wrestling and sliding all the way down the stairs.  This was in 2005.

 Alyona enjoying her first summer in America.  This was actually taken the day before her big radial articulation surgery.  You remember, the one that went horribly wrong.  2007

 For the longest time,I'd tell Nik to smile and this is what I'd get.  This was his first summer in America as well.  Think they adapted quickly to the water.  LOL.  

This one is also from summer of 2007.  this is all of them.  No more life jackets in this house, that's for sure. 

Oh how we miss our beloved Bear.  He was such a great dog.  He will always be treasured and never forgotten.  This was in 2008.

Also taken in 2008.  Alyona and Irina.  Sisterly that moment in time.

The whole bunch at a local museum we went to.  this was taken in 2008.  

One thing is for sure, my kids have grown.  thanks for letting me share a blast from the past.  We are sure to have many more memories to come. 

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