Monday, July 11, 2011

Woodshop & wizzards

Well, sometimes you just need to get creative as the lazy days of summer progress.  Thought I'd share some pictures of some of that recent creativity. 

 All the boys wanted to make stuff.  One made a crib, one made a beyblade stadium, some made wands, etc.  Lots of makings going on.  We unfortunately, really don't have a great place for them to work.  We found this workbench table on the side of the road a few months ago.  Everyone uses it.  I let the boys have at it that day.  No power tools except for a power drill.  This was hammer, nails, kind of day.  Old fashioned way.  Imagination at work.  All from scrap wood.  Loved it and so did they.

Alex showing off what he created.  A beyblade stadium.  This required a lot of sweat & patience form Alex.  I'm really proud he completed it.  

 During the wood working workshop, Nik made a wand.  Can you tell the new Harry Potter movie is coming out??  Though we can never go to the theater when it comes out (cost), we try on big movies to go to the cheap seats a few weeks later.  So, as soon as it is available, we'll be leaving to see it.  

Meantime, boys are getting back into Harry Potter even coming up w/ some spells.  Hilarious!  They each painted their own wands.  Nik used marker on his.  I think it shows quite the imagination of the boys.  

Many more summer pics to come.  I've been slow I know.  We have VBS this week so not here most nights.  Tonight, I think Warren and I may actually go out to dinner. It will have to be quick but think we can make it.  My parents gave us a gift cert to Red Lobster not too long ago.   We may actually enjoy a night out with no kids.  Probably the quietest dinner ever despite being in a restaurant.  Let you know how it goes. 

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