Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who we are??? (old post)

Well, I have received a few emails inquiring who we are.  Sometimes people find blogs once they've been up for awhile.   Being the computer illiterate person I am, I don't know how to make all the fancy tabs yet and Warren hasn't had the chance to teach me.  So, I figure now might be as good a time as any to re-introduce who we are of sorts.  We are the Boyd Bunch.  Seriously, that's even how the extended family refers to us.  LOL.  My name is Stephanie and my husband goes by Warren.  (that's really his middle name though).  We have been married almost 13 years now.  This was not the path we intended to take when forming our family.  Not a bit.  Shoot, does anyone ever really grow up thinking I want to have 10 kids all with special needs?  Long story short, we decided on adoption once we realized infertility issues.  Didn't even further pursue that option as we knew there were many children already that needed homes.

Umm, nope, didn't finish this one either apparently.  I"m guessing by now you know who we are.  I really am beginning to wonder do other bloggers leave posts like this and never get back to them?  Or is it just me being lazy or forgetful?  Curious now. Again, more to come soon.  

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