Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visa apps & much, much more

So many things going on, not sure I can keep up.  I'll give it a shot though. 

 Last night I receive a very late night email saying I MUST fill out the DS-230 and send them over ASAP.  Why?  B/c our visa appointment was today at 2pm Bulgarian time.  Umm, ooops!  I had done the I-800 and gotten approval. I had done the I-864W's and was reminded to do the DS-230's.  In my Chaos Manor going on's, I must have forgotten. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  Poor Warren.  Coming home from beyond a long day/ week at work and having to help w /this stuff.  Don't worry, we had Alaska chewing the dining room wall to keep us awake.  Then, Max was up late.  Asked him why there was a salt shaker in the shower.  Truly, I don't want to know half the stuff my kids do.  I never did get an answer on that salt shaker.  Don't even know who took it up there.  All I kept playing in my head was the scene from Seinfeld where Kramer was cooking in the shower.  Yuck!  Anyhow, visa stuff filled out and done by 2am.  Long, long day yesterday.  Waiting to hear the next step.  Hey, each thing accomplished is another step closer to bringing our kids home. 

We also learned last night that more funds are due.  Thought they'd be due after court but that is not the case.  We must, must come up w/ $5,000.  NOW.  We can't charge it as that is what the airline tickets will be put on.  Can't borrow from retirement or home equity.  We've used tax refund and my job for the rest of the fees already paid.  So, we have paid for everything thus far.  This is the only thing we're short.  It won't take much at all to reach the goal and that's what I have to focus on for sure.  God will provide is what they always say.  And in every other adoption that has been the case.  I need to keep the faith that it will happen this time as well.  3 lives are depening upon us.  We've done 7 international adoptions by ourselves and was hoping we could complete these ourselves w/out assistance except for orphanage donations.  That is now not the case.  The reason were short actually?  The bogus CPS investigation that was done to us months back.  (those new, yes, we were totally cleared..long story).  See, we had travel dates for April.  Delayed travel cost us an extra $4K total due to airline tickets and this time having to have a sitter.  Original travel dates fell over spring break & we had way more options.  So, clearly this was unexpected.  We have thought of every possible way to make it work & can't come up w/ anything as of yet. Right now, there is a donation site being worked on.  It is going to be tax deductible.  I have been posting on Craigslist whatever I can.  Trying to think of quick fundraisers.  I have watched fundraisers go from $300 to $20K in 2 days time because people came together.  I just need $5 from 1000 people.  That's it.  I figured I can hit that goal.  It shouldn't take much for someone to make a tax deductible deduction of $5.  It's cheaper than a value meal AND doesn't go to your hips!  LOL.  Shoot, just 50 people at $100.  Though I know $100 is hard for many.  But I do know most can spare $5 or $10 to help save 3 lives. I've seen it done.  And honestly, I wouldn't ask if we weren't in a bind.  This bind was beyond unexpected. I mean truly.  We had everything planned out.  Where we'd borrow the money from, how to pay it back, etc.  Just like w/ every other adoption.  Shoot, Warren still needs $8K worth of dental work that insurance won't cover.  It takes a village for sure.  I know a village can help get these kids out of their orphanages and home to the family that loves them more than words can say. 

Just received an email w/ some pictures from Camp Cheerio.  Heres the link:  This will give you an idea of what the kids do there.  We go each and every year and have so much fun.  It's in May every year.  Kids cue, sign, and speak.  So anyone and everyone can come.  It's just such a refreshing time to share w/ others struggles and accomplishments w/ your deaf/ HOH child.  I'll let you all know when it's coming up again next year.  Some even fly in to come. 

Okay, we did a TON and I mean a TON of scrub cleaning today downstairs.  I mean from scrubbing walls to oven hoods, to you name it.  We cleaned it.  I am frankly shameful of all the dust and dirt discovered.  I'm sure we could have named a new species w/ some of it.  The list was approximately 45 items long.  9 of us were cleaning.  We got it done fairly quickly for the most part.  We're going to conquer some more rooms tomorrow. 

We're planning on going to the Marbles Museum tonight.   There is a free event locals for special needs kids and their families.  We've gone to this before and every single time the kids have had a blast.  Can't wait to go.  Afterwards, we're going to get slushies!  Yes, we're hooked.  Just such a cheap, yummy summer treat. 

We have people who are also adopting from Bulgaria coming over on Saturday.  Can't wait to meet them.  They are adopting a son.  Different region but so neat to compare stories.  They also have been on their first trip as well.  They have 2 girls at home & I know my kids will be doting all over them when here. 

Other than that, trying to organize a possible local FAS get together for swimming and food.  Also, trying to sell items to come up w/ the money necessary for the kids.  Working on a tax deduction thing and more on that hopefully tomorrow. We are at crunch time and it was totally out of left field.  So, trying to sell items we no longer need.  Also, prepping the house for a possible sale.  Don't even ask about the house for sale thing yet.  Long story.  Another post to come.  Yana is halfway through the prednisone thank goodness.  Much more to come.  Have to chase Warren away from work first so he can go with us to the museum.

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