Saturday, July 30, 2011

Updates on our kiddos (old post)

Thought it was high time I let you all know how everyone is doing.  So, hang on tight as I'll be honest here.

Nik-- Nik is doing well.  He loves to hear.  Attends speech therapy few times a week at school & 2X a week at home.

Yes, this is Nik in one of his speech therapy sessions.  Max was trying not to let any air out that might blow it down.  All our kids help Nik with speech therapy including some of the "littles" if they're still here.  He's doing okay w/ it but it is very apparent to me that Nik will never talk.  I'm being honest.  I know all the professionals are holding out hope but there comes a point when you have to be honest w/what is in front of you.  Nik is 8yo.  Can't talk.  period.  Now, he does understand an immense amount but can not speak back.  Does very well w/ total communication so that is what we use.  Sign and speech. 

Wow, wrote this one back in January.  Hmm, guess I never finished the updates on the other 6 kiddos.  LOL.  I'll do that soon.  It really is interesting going back through all these old posts.  Many more to go through over the weekend.  Could get crazy on here.  

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