Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

It's been awhile since a thoughtful Thursday post.  For those new here, it is when I post at least one thoughtful thing my kids did throughout the week.  I do this to remind myself that things are not always as bad as they seem.  LOL.  See, we do have many children w/ severe behavioral issues.  It is important when you have children w/ these type of mental health disorders to always find the good in them as well.  So, some thoughtful posts I hope.

Irina--  Now, this was a shocker for me.  You all know the reason that Irina and Yana have their own rooms is to keep the peace in this home b/c 'Oscar' and 'Felix' could no longer live together.  Well, since Kyle is staying with us, Irina offered Yana to stay w/her versus Alyona.  Thoughtful of Irina to think of Yana. 

Max-- Max was actually teaching Yana to drive the lawnmower.  I didn't take a picture b/c frankly, I couldn't watch.  She did okay.  Not bad for the first time but has no idea how to handle our hills.  I for sure thought the mower deck was gone at one point.  But, Max was very thoughtful for helping her through the learning stages.  I've always said he'll make a great dad one day.

Yana-- Yana knows how much her brother loves to go bike riding.  Trouble is, not everyone wants to go when Nik wants to go.  Yana on many occasions this past week took Nik for a bike ride.  Very thoughtful of her to do.

Bojan-- Well, Bojan has asked several times this week is there anything he can do to help out.  I was very appreciative. 

Alex--  Alex on many days has been doing puppy retrieval despite what a pain it is. He has volunteered on several occassions.  Lately, Alex has really stepped up to the plate on many occasions. 

Alyona-- collected money to give to the church ministry for Africa.  It was pennies but everyone knows every little bit helps.

Nik-- When I'm watching the "littles,"  Nik takes it upon himself to help me out by playing w/ one of them.  I know he's not really being thoughtful but just being a kid by playing w/ another kid, but in my eyes it's thoughtful for sure.  He's also very sweet to him.  Shows me he is very ready for a younger sibling.  Years ago, he would be SO jealous when I held another child or played w/ someone else.  Now, he's okay.  Nik is ready and even keeps asking when they're coming home.  He calls Summer his baby.  LOL.  Don't think she's going to go for that. 

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