Saturday, July 30, 2011

This and that (new post)

I have done 12 posts in the last two days.  Go back and read a few if you dare.  I was making sure I had cleaned out most waiting drafts.  I have one titled Living through a RAD rage.  I may post it.  It is honest.  I wrote it a few months ago when we were living through it that evening. It tells it like it is and know it may catch people off guard.  Yet, I think it is important for others to read what it is like. I do.  Some may be scared the first time it happens to them b/c no one prepares them for it.  May post it later.  It is a raw post and know one that may get some that don't think I should post it.  That's why I'm still thinking it over. 

For now, playing catch up on the blog and making good progress if I do say so myself.  Today is Saturday.  Still selling items on Craigslist so people are coming to pick stuff up.  Need the money by the end of next week for the kids.  I truly don't know what will happen if we don't come up with it by then.  I don't.  I don't know if they'll wait till they get the money to continue processing our documents for a court date or what.  I truly don't know yet.  It's hard.  Hard knowing money may be standing in the way of when your kids come home.  Don't you think they've waited long enough?!  Logan will be 11yo when he comes home.  That is just too long to be with out a mom and a dad.  He needs to come home.  They all do.  More on all this in another post tomorrow.  Fundraising is going to have to take center stage.  I have no choice. 

Aside from working on fundraising ideas, we have been selling stuff around the house.  Hey, every litle bit helps.  And, helping us w/ the de-cluttering process in order to put the house on the market next weekend  We will sell it ourselves and it will be listed as an "as is" sale.  With the kids and their destruction and the puppies and theirs, there is no way we can keep up for th ehouse to be show ready the way realtors want it to be.  So, going to try to sell as is. 

We are organizing a lot lately.  Shoot, it's been 104, what else are you going to do?  Pool feels like a crock pot.  It's crazy.  Clean, movies, bead making, stuff like that.  Now, we'll get it all done slowly but surely.  I'm going to a gold party this evening.  First one.  you never know.  Maybe selling some jewelry I never use can help my kids get home.  Don't know yet.  Warren offered his wedding band.  Don't really want to but drastic times call for drastic measures some times.  You know, we're still married no matter what.  Plus, who's to say we can't get another one once the kids are home.  We'll see.  May do it, may not.  Can you all please, please pass the tax deductible link around?  Every little bit helps for sure.  Bring the kids home!  Mean time, life goes on and things are happening here and there.

I'm taking Yana in tonight for her physical for cross country that starts on Monday at 7am.  Yikes!  Bojan is going in for his leg. URGHH.  His could have been prevented. It was starting to get better but then he was NOT following what we told him to do.  Seriously, will he ever learn his lesson?!  I hope so.  Taking them tonight after my friend's party.  Digby goes into the groomers at 4pm.  We bathe all the dogs ourselves.  However, Digby suffered a lot of neglect & appears abuse possibly as well so we prefer for him to go to a professional.  Since he's been with us, he went to Petsmart once, we bathed him once, and now he's going to Petsmart again.  Kota and Alaska will get a bath here as usual.  We also need to go to TJMaxx and Target to pick up a few supplies.  Pretty much an errand running day and then later tonight, a relaxing day.

Irina goes to Missions Week at church right after service tomorrow.  She'll be gone till Friday serving the community.  Still working on getting all the homeschool stuff and IEP meeting stuff set up for my high schoolers.  Been interesting to say the least.  Working on getting Bojan his trumpet.  Doing it off ebay.  So, Irina, Yana and Bojan will be in youth group this fall.  Yana will be doing cross country.  Bojan will be doing band.  Max will be working a bit here and there and doing some art stuff as well.  He is not into doing stuff w/ a lot of people.  Not into crowds so much.  Now, I want the younger ones to do something as well.  So, looking into Upwards Soccer around here.  It starts Sept. 10th and not a very long season so that may fit in perfectly.  We'll see.  I want them all to be able to do something extra this year as last year we kept things real simple as everyone needed a break.  We're ready to get back into things.  Now, time to head out the door so chat later.  I'll have much more to come tomorrow. I really do think I need to post the RAD posts I had written.  I know many come here w/ questions on RAD or FAS.  I'll mull it over some more and then maybe post the RAD post tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for letting me start to catch up w/ the blog posts.  Phew, 13 in 2 days.  Though, some of those were half way written anyhow.  Kids are restless & need to take Digby to Petsmart.  More pictures and things to come for sure. 

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