Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank you is not enough

Thank you is just not enough to say to the people that came and gave their time and their entire Saturday to help us last weekend.  I can't even put into words what that type of generosity meant to us.  A little background I suppose.  A few years back a lady named Jan had met me in a mommy's group I attended.  She herself had adopted two children at once.  No small feat I can assure you.  I've been there, I know all too well.  We had stayed in touch here and there but both our lives had gotten rather hectic.  She wrote me one day and asked if her church could help us out a bit.  Asked us if we had any work we needed help with on the house.  Those that know us know our house is about 20 years old.  Yes, it needs a little work here and there.  Long story short, a few gentleman came over to see what needed to be done.  Make sure work that would be done would be up to code and all that stuff.  They set a date for April 9th.  I had no idea how many folks would come or exactly what all might get done.

So, April 9th came and all I can say is WOW!!!  The group was from Turner Memorial Baptist Church.  Both children and adults came that morning.  A rather cold, wet morning.  We started by gathering in a circle and opening with a prayer.  Very nice way to start the day.  You just could feel the closeness of this group.  Their hearts were so open.  All I can say is it was rather pleasant to be around so many who had the love of God in their hearts and lived it everyday.  The kids that came were honest, polite, helpful, and so sweet.  For them to give up an entire Saturday to help people they don't even know, says quite a lot about their character.  Their parents should be extremely proud.

I took this shot from inside the house.  Quite a few helpers painting the fence.  In this shot, it was one brave lady w/ all boys helping her.  Paintbrushes and out.  All these different people coming together for one.  Strangers becoming friends, folks sharing the love of Christ.  Just nice to be around this type of atmosphere.  

Oh my goodness!  I can not believe I never ever posted about what these wonderful people did for us.  Boy, am I totally ashamed.  They need to be recognized.  I will indeed do a post on this at some point this coming week.  Amazing what they did for our family out of the goodness of their hearts and serving the community.  More to come on this post.  This one was from April!  Told you I'm going through old posts.

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