Friday, July 29, 2011

T- 3 days & counting! (old post)

Words fail me for what I'm thinking right now.  It all is becoming a blur.  Seriously, it is.  There is so much to do and schools are NOT making it any easier on me for sure.  I will have a post on schools at some point when I get back.  Trust me, just makes our decision to homeschool them that much easier.  This morning I get a call regarding Max.  School wants him to be there Friday. I told them no way, I'm leaving the country Saturday.  BTW, school finishes tomorrow, Thursday.  They already know he's going to fail algebra.  Why torture him to make him take the stupid state test again.  See, if they fail the EOC's here, they have to remediate for 5 hours & take again.  Stupid school system.  IF you can't teach the material all year long to the child, what makes you think they'll learn it in 5 hours?!  What are these people thinking?!  See, here is the problem.   Max has a severe, severe learning disability in math.  He can not do math.  Most FAS kids do have issues w/ math & abstract concepts anyhow.  Max is no exception.  He's fine in other subjects but not math.  Schools know this.  HOwever, it is mandatory he take algebra & other math for graduation.  Now, I was told if he fails it twice, they will give him a math waiver.  Teacher told me something totally different this morning.  URGHH!!!  Hate it when right hand doesn't speak to the left one, don't you?  In order for waiver to happen, he must pass teacher standards.  Umm, hey he can't, it's been proven for years now.  Stop torturing my son!  She even told me she sees what I was talking about from the beginning of the year where I told them he'll withdraw. She said he has been very withdrawn.  Duh.  How would you feel in a class that you don't get even though you try & try again and fail every single time?  He's done.  He's angry now.  So, we are stuck.  I told her I want an IEP meeting for July sometime.  If people would teach the material instead of the tests in this county, we'd be a bit more successful I feel.  Teachers are great, system is broken.  Period. It is NOT the teachers.  It IS the system.  So, anyhow, I have been discussing this for months now.  I had told Yana's school we needed a transition meeting way back in March I think it was.  Teacher called & told me we need to have one this week.  I told her sorry that will not work for us.  She said we have to.  I said, no,we don't. I asked for this a long time ago.  I knew I'd be gone.

Wow, I wrote this before we were leaving for Bulgaria.  Never finished it.  yep, still feel the same way.  No, haven't had either IEP meeting yet.  Though, I have contacted the high school via phone & writing yesterday and today.  We'll see where it takes us.  I'm going to be going through old draft posts.  So, you'll see some half finished work & all kinds of old posts.  Thought it would be neat to clear out some old posts and also see what they were about.  I'll update you on the new school stuff soon.  Hey, this could be fun.

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