Sunday, July 17, 2011

A special opportunity to help

Not all can adopt a child.  I am more than well aware of that.  Not everyone wants to adopt a child either.  Well aware of that also.  However, I do think generally in overall human nature, we have the desire to help children.  Well, I have a chance for you to help many children.  Hundreds believe it or not.  In addition, it will only cost you a penny, a dime or a quarter.  Some may splurge and spend a dollar.

Okay, let me explain a little further.  When I was over in Summer's orphanage, I saw a few things that were just hard to witness.  Children deserve to be able to play.  Plain and simple.  Yet, these children live many days without the play they need.  It is not for not caring, it is simply a shortage of funds or toys to play with.  When we were supposed to be playing with our daughter, we were brought a garbage bag full of "toys."  These were broken pieces of toys.  This is what all these children had to play with.  Share a bag of broken bits.  The playroom was beyond sparse.  There was literally nothing in there to play with.  So, they brought in coloring book and markers.  Maybe 2 out of the 10 markers worked.  And it was as though you're writing w/ invisible ink.  Just sad.  Hard to witness, hard to think about.  These kids go around collecting snails and such.  And that's fine.  But, imagine the rainy and winter days.  They must stay inside.  Nothing really to play with or color or let your mind grow.  I would like to help their minds grow a bit more.

This is not just for ONE child. This is for hundreds.  There are roughly 50 children in the older childrens home we went to where our older sibs are.  These kids need stuff just as much.  So, I'm trying to fill two suitcases FULL of donations to let their minds grow.  Right now, Staples is having a penny, dime and quarter sale.  Yes, that's right.  A penny can go far for these kids.  It really can.  We are attempting to collect things such as coloring books, markers, crayons, yo-yos, hacky sacks, Frisbees, inflatable balls, etc.  Also, girlie makeup like lip smackers and eye shadow.  The smile I received from R's group was EAR to EAR!  Those girls thought they'd hit the lottery w/ just ONE thing of eyeshadow to share and three lipsmackers.  Think about preteen and teen girls not having that little luxury.  I know many don't think about the self-confidence it brings to girls in those developing years but it does.  And, a little goes a long way.  Orphanages must spend their money on food and necessities, not on what is considered a luxury for girls.  I want to bring these kids fun and happiness that will last a little while.  You all can help with that.

Some folks are sending me packages w/ things to take.  Some have left donations off at our doorstep.  Shoot, if we get enough, I would be willing to wear the same thing the whole trip so I can take an extra suitcase full of donations.  Locals can easily help as we can easily pick up items or meet you somewhere.  We are stopping by a home tonight after VBS in fact. Okay, started this the other day.  I'll get to the point.  So far, we only have barely half a suitcase full.  That's it.  That is not nearly enough to change lives.  It takes a village to raise a child.  Yes, yes it does.  You can be part of that village.  Nothing is too small.  Especially locals where I can pick up a box of crayons or markers.  If you prefer, a simply donation of $5 or $10 could work wonders for these children.  It really can. 

Just do it.  Don't think about it when you're at the store.  Pick up that quarter  pack of crayons.  Trust me, there's a ton of cheap markers & crayons this time of year w/ all the back to school sales.  Easy to pay an extra dime if you're already there anyhow. I'm willing.  I'm able.  I hope you will be too with me.  We really can make a difference and seriously, we won't notice it.  Take a dime out of the car or couch cushion.  We all have them.  Go to Staples & buy something for the kids at the orphanages.  I wish you could see the look on Summer's face as she's trying to color but nothing comes out.  Trying time after time after time.  I stood there and couldn't do a thing.  We donated money from  generous donors to the orphanages as you know.  However, that was used for necessities such as shoes, desks, and food.  Food people!  We need some fun for these kids.  Let them be kids for just once.  Just have a little fun.  Please help me make this dream a reality.  I know most American kids wouldn't consider markers, coloring books or crayons a pile of fun but these kids would be beyond grateful.  If you can help, please try.  It would mean a lot to them.  It really would.  Thanks so much for listening to all this speech. I really want to have at least one suitcase full of donations.  The hard part would be picking an orphanage to give them to if I only get one suitcase full.  IF you donate w/ money, please, put supplies in the subject line somewhere.  That way, I'll know exactly what it's for. Thanks again.  You have the opportunity to help hundreds of kids live a real childhood w/ the simple things in life.  Oh, someone recently gave me yo-yos.  That was awesome! 

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