Saturday, July 30, 2011

Special needs & accomadations in the home (old post)

Some people have asked me questions about any adjustments that need to be made to our home in order to have the children we have.  Answer simply is yes, there have been adjustments made.  It is different for every family depending upon the special need that they are dealing with.  First, I want you all to know that all my kids know the saying in this house:  " you are NO different than anyone else."  I mean it too.  Rules in this house are the same for everyone.  Period.  No exceptions.  That being said, there are still other accommodations that need to be made.  All our bathrooms have handrails for our son who is missing a leg.  Though I must say those handrails have come in handy for more than one person in this home.  They really do help a lot.  Especially, after surgery.  When making the addition upstairs for the kids, we made sure we had a shower that Bojan could use.   One with a seat in it.  Other than that, he has received no accommodations in the house.  Now,simple things too.  Making sure floor is picked up so when Bojan has his leg off at night, he can get around.

Never finished this posts either.  Bojan doesn't have a lot of special things we do for him.  Now, the FASers, that's a different story.  Some may say what do you have to do for them?  Mainly, repeat everything at least 3 times.  Seriously.  Also, a whole house monitoring system would be a dream of ours.  We intend to put one in our new house.  See, FAS children do lie.  Some are really good at it.  A whole house monitoring system would allow them to "see" the lie as FAS kids tend to be very visual.  That would be one accomodation I would suggest to every single family with an FAS child.   Another one is to have lots of things for them to do as far as exercise.  A trampoline and swingset have worked wonders in this home.  A place where our RADishes can be at ease is the hammock.  Another thing that has work wonders here is the hammock.  Probably the best $22 we ever spent.  For Nik, we always make sure we look at him when we speak so he can see our face.  We also labeled everything in the house awhile back while he was learning sign and we were.  It's the little changes that you do. Not big ones have to be made here.  This is my last "old post" for a bit.  We do need to get stuff done around here at some point.  Have a great weekend everyone.

For Alyona, it is making sure we have stools readily available.  Technically, she could still use a booster seat but at 10.5 yo, you just don't want to do it to her.  Remember, she is the one they suspect has a form of dwarfism.  Need to go back to the endocrinologist to confirm.  She is barely 40 lbs.  Still wearing size 5 but so happy she's out of the toddler sizes.  We make sure things are low enough for her that she uses.  Older kids are good about helping her when she needs it.  Like getting cups or plates.

Now for Nik, more accomadations are made.  He is deaf.  We have not gotten into the alarm clock age yet where they vibrate the bed or light up.  That comes later.  We do have to make sure his room is totally dark.  He wakes up at light.  Since he can't hear, almost everything becomes visual.  On our tv, there will be closed captioning on if you come over.  We are VERY used to this by now & it is odd when it does not get turned on.  This will help him to learn to read as well.  We are going to be purchasing a smoke detector that has a light on it.  Now, w/ his CI on, he can hear a phone ring.  He gets so excited b/c he can actually hear it now.  Too funny.  We sing our blessing at the table so he can hear it better.

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