Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Proud moments for them

Well, thought I'd do just a few moments of what my kids have accomplished.  We already saw Max's makings the other day w/ the bench.  Check it out a few posts back.  thought I'd highlight two more kiddos here.

Alyona standing proud.  That purple piece on her shoulder she made all by herself!  Took cardboard and made a loom kind of.  Weaved the entire thing herself.  She was so proud and so was I.  Honestly, I had no idea she could do that.  Turned out beautiful, don't you think?


The above are many attempts at trying to land a flip in the air.  Nik has been trying and trying to master a flip on the trampoline.  

He was extremely proud once he nailed that flip.  It really is neat seeing them accomplish things.  They love, love their trampoline.  The padding around the springs disintegrated in the sun.  Need to find a new one.  

Just had to share those two little proud moments that they had.  Of course, I really don't know who was more excited that Nik landed the flip.  Nik or Alex?  Both were thrilled. More to come tomorrow.  Just a bunch going on at Chaos Manor lately. 

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