Thursday, July 28, 2011

Picture post from Bulgaria (part III)

Well, back from PA and I will post those pics too.  However, wanted to finish the Bulgarian pictures for sure.  OMG!  Can't believe I never finished the Bulgarian picture post.  Geez, am I ever slack.  Not a good blogger.  Hey, it's not a paying job so motivation is not so much.  LOL.  Yes, I do have pictures w/ the kids in them.  Lots of those pictures.  However, those are the ones I am not allowed to post until court is final.  You'll just have to wait for those pictures.  For now, we'll go through some other photos of Bulgaria.  I'll start w/ the monument that was dedicated to Shumen for being 1300 years old. 

 Tells you what we are about to see.

 There seemed to be a lot of stray dogs around the area.  You can see in the distance the monument we walked to.  Wasn't close.  But, much closer than the mountain we hiked up. 

Getting closer to the monument.  Pictures really don't do it justice at just how massive it was. Incredible.  

 Can you imagine having to carve this out??  I know you can't tell by the pictures but these things were huge!

 Seems like it'd be an engineering nightmare to me.  Look at all the different cuts.  

These were old stones, very, very old markers, pulled out of the site called madara.  We went there for the hike on top of the mountain.  One of the most ancient cities. 

 I know you can not tell the scale here, but trust me, it's enormous.  And these mosaics, all little tiles.  Beautiful work. 

Warren standing allowing Logan to mess w/ the camera again.   That kid is going to be our in house photographer, I'm almost sure of it.  You can get a little bit of an idea of how big this place is.  

 The view of the city of Shumen from up here.  Beautiful, isn't it?  Can't wait to get back there to see my two treasures that come from this great city.

 And the choice we had to make was a no brainer.  There are actually steps that lead all the way down to the city, right near their orphanage. Umm, no thank you.  After hiking the day before, this was a clear choice.  Even the kids were shaking there heads yes...which of course means NO in Bulgarian.  Bulgaria & Turkey are the only two countries in the world that have reverse head nods.  It would take hours to step on down to the city.  Though on a fall day, I do believe a hike up there would be nice. 

Warren and I letting our son take pictures again.  It was such a gorgeous day.  We really had such an awesome time in Bulgaria and in the city of Shumen.  Everything about it was pleasant.  The weather, the kids, the people, the food, the schedule, etc.  Just was almost like being on vacation for a change versus our usual adoption trips of the past.  Do hope it's the same way when we go to pick them up.  Can't wait.  Oh, I'll have one more Bulgarian picture post.  At some point.  I really do have much going on with the schools and will post soon.  More to come. 

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