Thursday, July 7, 2011

not so thoughtful Thursday

I know I usually do a Thoughtful Thursday post.  Well, not going to this go around.  Thought it would be interesting to turn the tables and do a not so thoughtful Thursday post. 

 Does Alyona looked confused?  Well, she has every right to be.  Earlier, she was introduced to Yana's new boyfriend...Jason. 

Recognize anyone?  Yeh, Yana and her friend cooked up this little skit to trick Alyona.  This is Jason, aka...Yana.  Not sure what was w/ the black lipstick though.  What boys wear black lipstick?  LOL.  Hey, creativity I guess.  They did this on Alyona's b-day & it was all they could do not to crack up every time.  Hence, the not so thoughtful Thursday post.

Next, we have Max.  Okay, Max deserves a position in the not so thoughtful post as well.  See, last night we went to a church family night.  Alex did something & frankly, I forgot what.  Anyhow, in the car he said "sorry mom & I forgive you."  I yelled back at him:  "you forgive ME?!"  That's when Alex screamed "MAX!!!"  Max was laughing hysterically.  Max was telling him all the wrong things to say during this so called apology.  Lovely.  Not so thoughtful, huh?  

We also have Irina.  She has been trying to do little things to annoy Yana.  Like knowing she's drinking out of a certain cup and purposefully dumping it out into the sink and then claiming she didn't know it was Yana's.  Umm, not so thoughtful sis!  Now, these two are sharing a room. It will either help this situation or escalate it.  Stay tune and see in the upcoming weeks.

Alex was another I can list on not so thoughtful Thursday.  Alex today had an incident.  Okay, we've been watching Criss Angel's Mind Freak all morning.  Don't ask.  We're addicted now to this illusionist and trying to figure out how he does it.  Anyways, Bojan had received a magic kit for his birthday in January from my parents.  All in tact.  Well, he and Matthew ( a not so little "big little" I watch during the summer) were practicing their magic tricks to do a show.  Alex decided he should cut Bojan's cards w/ scissors b/c he thought they were supposed to be like Matthew's kit.  Umm, no, they're different son.  

I know this is a different twist but thought I always tell the good they do, everyone once in awhile, you need to see that they are sneaky too sometimes.  Picture posts to come tomorrow.  Kids are outside making wands.  I'm going to make banana nut bread w/ some ripe bananas we now have.  Warren and I just came back from a walk w/ the dogs.   The pups still can not walk on a leash.  URGHH!!!  Only one is Digby who does great.  Now, Alaska is getting better but no where even close to being good on a leash.  But hey, progress is progress.  Warren said if we could hook Kota to a dogsled team, we'd have it made.  another late summer evening.  chicken fajitas and fresh corn on the cob for dinner.  It was great.  Irina & Kyle are spending the night w/ friends.  Kyle is our house guest, teaching us ASL and all about deaf culture.  Have had no "littles" this week.  Really trying to play catch up and get organized.  Tomorrow, we may do a scavenger hunt, finish making wands and make carmel apples.  Should be a good day.  Saturday is a homeschool conference and possibly (if there's time) a carnival.  Trouble is, they are at the same time so we'll have to wait and see.  Sunday church and the start of VBS (vacation Bible School).  All kids are going.  Wonderful!  

No new news on the adoption front.  Called the FBI agent today & apparently, they are NOT happy if you call just after that stressed 4 week mark on the phone.  LOL.  Yes, it has been over four weeks I told the lady.  Though, I truly had no idea how long it had been.  She told me it was just a little over 4 weeks.  Umm, I don't want to say someone is not telling the truth but I'm pretty sure we sent that at the very end of may.  I know for a FACT it had to have at least been the first week of June.  Going to check my receipt just out of curiosity.  Really people, there is NO SENSE in calling & checking on those fingerprints.  Seriously.  They are taking 8 weeks to process now. And the agents will tell you not a single week sooner.  LOL.  I asked the status of our prints as these are just repeats b/c they expired.  I was told they are being processed.  Okie dokie.  Can't tell me where they are in the process? No.  Okie dokie.  Look forward to seeing them in the mail.  Again, no sense in calling.  If you know they got there, just let it go.  I needed a new set for court.  So, our medicals and fingerprints we just got done.  Should be absolutely in date for court.  Praying those are the only ones that needed to be redone.  Called immigration.  Now, Nina was very nice to me I must say.  She sees where our I-800 arrived.  She said it should be on her desk tomorrow to process.  (this was yesterday).  She told me if I don't hear from her, she doesn't need anything else.  Wahoo!!!  So, maybe we'll have notice of approval early next week.  Wouldn't that be awesome?!  I think from there, they acquire the Article 5 letter from the Embassy.  Then, from my understanding, we would be allowed to be submitted to court for a court date.  In the adoption world, first there is no happenings, then everything tends to happen all at once.  Got to get going here. 

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