Friday, July 29, 2011

Not the best day in the world (old post)

Wow is all I can say about today.  And that is not a good wow.  Warren took the pups to the vet early this morning.  I got kids off to school & waited for the 4 "littles" to arrive.  It was rainy & cold.  Knew we'd be doing some projects today.  I had a killer headache all day long.  Didn't help any.  Kids did pretty well today.  We did a painting project today w/ dinosaur bones we made yesterday.  In the afternoon, I was going to make fossils w/them from a recipe.  Umm, nope.  Total failure on that idea.  So, we made cake instead.  Cake is much tastier than fossils anyhow.  LOL.  Teens came home & left Irina here.  I went to pick up the pups.

Once in the vet office w/ Max, I was feeling uneasy but not sure why.  Bill time.  Keep in mind, I called ahead of time to get an idea of costs.  How much for spay & neutering I asked.  They pulled my file to get the dogs' weights.  That will be $175 for Kota & less for Alaska since she is smaller.  Went ahead w/ it since I knew we got $100 back per dog from the adoption of them.  We also we're adding on the removal of the dew claw since our pups had an extra one on their hind legs.  We normally do not remove the dew claw of our dogs but since these stuck out & we're extras too, went ahead w/ it.  We were expecting a bill for both to be around $400 to $500 all things considered.  Then, get $200 of that back.  Fine.  What we got instead was enough to make your head spin.  So much so that the office there thought I was going to pass out.  So did I!  I was pacing badly.  What was the bill?  Nearly $1000!!!!  No, I did not exaggerate that amount.  Exact amount was $945.82.  I was going back & forth w/ the receptionist.  Telling her you know I could have got this done at the clinic for $40 a piece!  I chose here b/c I trusted you and only wanted to put them under once. I knew it would be more but they are charging like a hospital, not a vet.  Ridiculous.  Everyone locally I've spoken with is outraged by that amount.  I guess the vet office felt a little bad about it as they called me shortly after I got home.  Said they thought I was going to pass out.  They kept apologizing.  Receptionist said the vet said they can take off $50 for the bandages.  Oh,you mean the ones I can get at Walmart for $5 and the ones you used about $1 to $2 worth?  So, I'm credited $50.  Still not sure what I'm saying to them tomorrow but you better believe it will be something.  Anyone else think that was excessive?

Later Friday, we just kept everyone calm and puppies were hurting.  I told you I had a rough week.  Never helped a single one of them w/ homework if I recall, spoke to several teachers regarding IEP's, found out Yana is being manipulative..more on that on that RAD post coming up, kids aren't doing chores, things are disorganized, feel like I'm losing control, etc, etc.  Yes,that was my week.  Totally forgot to cook that day so kids had cake for dinner Friday.  I know, definitely not mother of the year here for that one.  LOL.  Kids liked dinner that night though.  The list could go on.  Let's just say it has not been a banner week & leave it at that.  Next week will be better, I can already tell.

Saturday seem to come & go.  Went to Sam's for some shopping.  Want to do the free range chicken but w/ stupid vet bill, can't afford to this month.  Trying next month for sure as there is a local farmer who does it.  Warren & I went ourselves as pups were okay pretty much the next day after surgery.  Got supplies & then went to pick up our sheets that were ordered.  So now we have 2 pair of sheets instead of just one.  Yeah.  Quickly got Alyona to go to her party & also trash ready to take to the dump.  Got to love that job.  Max & Warren do that.  Saves money to take it yourself rather than have a trash service.

Boy, this was back in February I wrote this. I will never forget the vet experience.  BTW, we have NEVER gone back after that ordeal.  We have a wonderful vet now that comes to the house and is very reasonable.  Wouldn't trade Dr. Marty for anything in the world.  And, she doesn't try to charge you for every crazy thing under the sun.  I've recommended her to a bunch of people.  Will continue to do so.  You can imagine back then we were not expecting that bill.  I'd have to say that this post it was definitely not the best day in the world.  More old half finished posts to come. Kind of neat taking a look back and what I started but never finished.

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