Monday, July 25, 2011

Max's makings

Haven't done a post on Max's makings in awhile.  You know our oldest son tends to be a bit artistically inclined as well as mechanical.  You know he's made stuff in the past such as this bike rack:

It really is sturdy & great.  Some of those bikes really do need to go in the garbage.  Trying to fix them one by one though as the kids really do love to ride bikes.  Too hot now for it but won't be for long.  

Lauren(aka our "8th" child), was testing out the bench for Max.  Alyona and Max were holding a board up to see if that's where he wanted it placed.

max getting ready to put on one of the final boards.  This thing is extremely sturdy & extremely large.  Max said he wanted a bench where all of us could sit down on.   Very close to it!

Finished product...almost.  He added another bar across it.  Looks great!  We all love it & neighbors have even commented on it.  Max made it from the scrap from the old garden spot we took down.  He's working on sanding it and then we are going to paint it a bold color.  Can't wait.  

We are so thrilled Max likes to make things.  He has such a creative mind and amazing the measuring & exactness he can have w/ having such a learning disability in math.  I say this b/c I know others out there must have kids struggling.  Trust me, there is plenty out there for them to do.  Just look at what Max creates out of scrap.  Amazing.  If we ever had the ability to buy him a supply of wood, no telling what he could create.  Quite the carpenter & he'd make a great apprentice for someone one of these days.  Just thought I'd share what he made for us this week.  Tell me what you think of it and I'll tell him.

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