Monday, July 25, 2011

Manic Monday

So much to say, so little time.  Well, it is Monday.  Another weekend behind us.  We had a family over that is also adopting from Bulgaria.  Very nice family and their girls are super sweet.  Got to know a little of where they are going to bring their son home.  They are right behind us in the process.  It's funny how we all watch folks a little ahead of us in the process.  I do the same.  There's a family right ahead of us as well.  Everyone is anxious to know travel.  Well, court & travel are always the two things.  Travel is easy to predict as it is usually a month after court.  I want that all important court date.  I do.  Anyhow, it was wonderful talking to them.  Unfortunately, their girls didn't swim.  I think they were nervous about the shrek green pool.  Our pool had turned overnight from blue to green.  Though very safe to swim in, I can understand how some would be worried.  My boys & the neighbors were still jumping in.  Today, it's back to blue again.  Doesn't take long to clear up a pool.  Heat makes it take a little longer to clear up.  No biggie. Pool will turn green every once in awhile.  It happens.  Mostly happened this last time b/c children turned over the chlorine dispenser and never turned it back over...URGHH.  Something so simple.  Got to love it.  Oh well.

Enjoyed our company & getting to know them.  Felt bad though as Kota was not too nice and snapped at one of the girls.  Kota went to time out and stayed there.  We only brought him out on a leash.  We don't feel comfortable enough leaving Kota out w/ company we don't know any more.  From here on out, he will be totally put away when new company comes over.  Now, he is a nice dog, don't get me wrong.  It's just new people in our house, he's uneasy with.  We have 12 to 15 kids here everyday and he doesn't do a thing to them and they can play, lay on him etc.  Birthday party we had a ton of people here.  No issues except w/ one of our friends but she said it's b/c she has all the animal scents on her & I think she's right.  She has a farm and Kota was sniffing her up and down.  Barked at her a lot but nothing more than that.  But, in the meantime, to be on the safeside we will definitely put him in the room w/ new company.  Digby & Alaska of course are of no issue. 

Let's see, called AB(advanced Bionics) today and they are going to replace his two coils and the mic.  One of the coils and mic was chewed up by Alaska.  We are thrilled they will replace it.  Other coil is having intermitant problems.  Getting all that straightened out.  Warren is having to involve HR now b/c BCBS insurance is not being very cooperative.  I think it is more that someone doesn't know what the heck they're doing but that's another story.  Our speech therapist's office called them and they couldn't get a definitive answer either.  It's been two months now since Nik has been w/out speech.  It's ridiculous!  Working on it some more this week & hope to have it resolved very soon. 

Bojan showed me his cuff this morning so now I have to call his prosthetist & order a new one.  Bojan also got in trouble this week.  You know, at 12yo, I do expect a certain amount of self-care.  You know, BASIC hygiene and cleanliness.   With missing limbs and prosthetics there is certain care regimen you must follow.  I used to watch him wash stuff when he was younger.  He's going to middle school, didn't think I had to watch over someone for common sense stuff.  Umm, NO.  You do.  His stump his completely red, irritated, etc.  It's horrible.  Bojan, are you putting A & D ointment on every night?  No.  Bojan, are you putting a fresh clean liner on everyday?  No.  Bojan, did you ever think to tell us it was this way?   No.  Yes, he's definitely headed to lazy teen hood for sure.  For being a smart kid, some times he does the dumbest things.  I don't get it. I just don't get it.  See, Bojan has eczema that acts up big time some times.  This is not helping matters.  Working on clearing up his leg.  Giving it another day.  Doesn't hurt him which shocked me. Just looks bad.  I'd put up a picture but honestly, it is too disgusting.  Trust me.  Gave me goosebumps just to take the picture to send to his doc.  Hopefully, it will clear up very soon. 

Otherwise, everyone appears to be healthy.  Yana's on her last couple days of the 12 day predisone doses for the sting/bite thing.  Face back to normal.  I've had a horrible sinus headache/ allergy thing for the past 2 days.  My eyes hurt even.  Just had a sinus infection before we left to Bulgaria so trying to avoid any antibiotic stuff for sure.  If I don't get relief though in about 2 days, may have to get something. 

Dogs are fine.  Digby is becoming much, much more playful which is neat to see.  Still our very mellow fellow.  Waiting to put up the one side of the fence.  Any locals that see free fencing listed or lumber, do let me know. 

I have no extra kids to watch today and it is a much needed break if only for a day.  I've made it strictly a phone call/ email day.  You know, fight w/ doc offices/ insurance, etc.  Crazy stuff like that.  Kids and I are washing the van later & cleaning it out a bit.  Warren is borrowing it tomorrow.  We're also cleaning the upstairs hallway & Alyona's room today.  We're doing the house in sections which is helping.  Looking for stuff to sell as we go. 

Alex & Bojan spent the night at a friend's last night which was nice.  I'm mostly getting organized today & making plans for things.  Many things.  another post on all that soon.  Have to finish up the birthday post next since I am way behind.  Thanks to all the amazing folks who've donated so far.  For those that don't know, we have a tax deductible site now for donations.  Yes, tax deductible!  Help bring 3 kids home & get a tax deduction.  win-win for sure!  donate here if you can as any amount will truly add up.  We need $5,000.  A few posts back will explain the funds and how we came up short this set of adoptions.  We already have $330 in the fund right now.  That's amazing to me how people can come together to help us out.  Really amazing b/c it truly is changing lives.  3 precious children will be able to literally have a life now and LIVE and THRIVE!  All b/c people felt it in their heart to give.  I'm still thinking of fundraisers and giveaways that we can do quickly.  It is tough.  But, I do know 3 kids that are depending upon us so I will not give up.  That is a promise I made to them and intend to keep.  So, any ideas, keep them coming.

We are still taking donations for supplies to take to the orphanage for the second trip such as crayons, markers, coloring books, girlie hair stuff, etc.  You'd be surprised as the kids get into their teens what a little extra make up can do for some teenage girl self-esteem.  More to come later but really need to finish things here. That and Bojan will have to see a doc today.  Just heard back from his doc.  I should make him pay for this appointment.  I'm still not very happy about all this b/c 100% preventable!  URGHH!!!  He is going to have to go back to being treated like a little kid again.  Give them a little freedom & wham!  Can't handle it.  More later. 

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