Monday, July 18, 2011

Manic Monday

Can't believe it's already Monday.  We've had such a crazy busy weekend w/ the parties and such.  So, think I'll try to catch up here a bit as well.

Adoption front-- no new news except that we got the I-800 approval.  Oh, and it's wrong but that's no big deal.  They have one of the kids' b-days wrong but that should be an easy fix.  Still waiting on FBI prints to get back too so that those will be ready for court. Otherwise, we should be good to go.  Oh, many are telling me to go ahead & get local police checks for court as well.  Okie dokie.  Always better to be safe than sorry.

House-- working on some little repairs here and there.  In addition, we are purging big time.  Clutter be gone.  Going through all kinds of things.  Hoping it will bring in a little cash too as trying to figure out the last of the fees that will be coming up. More on that later too.

Dogs-- Digby is great.  He really is.  We love that dog to pieces.  Digby is definitely Warren's dog.  The dog waits for him to come home from work.  He'll start laying by the door.  too cute.  Then we have the pups.  Oy!  Yes, they're still running us ragged.  We are trying our best to find a fence solution but we really can't afford the one side we need.  Trust me, we've already spent enough on trying to contain these mutts.  So, if anyone finds free fencing or very cheap locally off Craigslist or something, let me know.  Otherwise, puppies are doing okay.  Kota is still King Kota.  Trying to throw him off the throne.  Working on it.

Homeschool-- I am trying to get ready to homeschool the kids.  My goal is to start in August.  We'll see.  I'll start off w/ homeschooling Irina, Alyona, Alex and Nik.  From there, add the three new ones in when they get home and then most likely second semester(Jan.) add the last 3 into the mix.  I've purchased a few supplies and written down somewhat what I want to do as far as plans go.   Working on what all they'll be studying & how w/ the different levels that they have.  Slowly, I'll get there.  Very slowly. 

Medical-- everyone is healthy for the most part.  And, the predisone doesn't seem to be negatively affecting Yana which is great.  Nik's implants are messed up again.  He went swimming w/ them.  Lovely.  Dried them out but still will most likely need to get one repaired.  Fighting for his speech therapy to come back.  Stupid insurance.  Bojan's new leg seems to be doing much better since we got rid of the Otto-bock knee disaster.  If you are a rep people and someone asks you a specific question to a specific patient and you say yes, then you best back it up!  URGHHH!!!  Months of aggravation b/c someone did not believe that a boy could do this much damage to an adult knee.  Important part is it is fixed now.  Different knee.  No issues whatsoever.  Everyone is caught up on their shots and things.  Nothing else really needed.  Praying it stays this way for a while. 

Donations-- Donations are starting to come in.  This is awesome.  And, some are sending monetary donations for us to purchase items.  There is someone that I really want to write back but no way of getting in touch.  Please Pat, write me back if you get a chance.  Thanks.  I've picked up some local donations as well.  Still, we're at half a suitcase at the moment.  However, I have $85 worth of donations that I'm going to purchase. I'm waiting till August 5th here b/c that is tax free weekend here.  We get more bang for the buck so to speak.  This truly is going to make a difference for the orphanages.  I can not wait to see the look on their faces.  Going to get some girlie makeup and items for fun for the teens at the orphanage.  Confidence can go a long way in life.  Imagine being a girl in your teens and not having access to this stuff.  I'm sure you ladies remember those years as teenage girls. 

Questions-- Ask me anything questions still coming in here and there.  Going to reply hopefully this Wednesday.  So please, if you have a question, ask it.  Nothing off limits really.  Our life is pretty much an open book anyhow.  Whether it's questions about big families, costs of adoption, discipline, FAS/RAD, moving, food, etc. ask it.  Put them either in the comments or write me privately.  Can't wait to answer some of them!

This week-- Should hopefully be a clean up & organizing week. Haven't had one of those for ages.  And it unfortunately shows.  So, it's time.   We had 15 kiddos here today.  2 have left and another 3 are leaving shortly.  I am hopeful that one day this week it will be just my kids here and we can accomplish some things.  I'm trying to raise money so clearing our clutter and selling.  Every little bit helps for sure.  Got to get to work on some grant apps.  We need to raise around $4800.  More on that in a separate posts.  I'll need ideas for sure.  For now, seeing what I can raise on my own.  This week I'm hoping will be mellow.  We don't have places that we have to be so that is good.  Plus, I couldn't go anyhow w/ 14 to 15 kids here.  No room in my van.  Another issue that has arisen. 

I am praying for a peaceful week.  Okay, started this earlier today.  So much for peaceful.  It's been awful!  And NOT from the littles I sit for.  No.  It's the teens.  URGHH!!!  And not just mine.  Dare went on today.  Yana swallowed a spoonful of cinnamon.  You know you really can't swallow cinnamon, right?  It's all over the web.  She drank lots of water and I told her you must throw up.  Gross but that will help.  She has burst capillaries from coughing so hard.  I was less then pleased w/ them all.  Really less than pleased.  I was ticked off but that is not the word I'd use.  It is a mess.  She can talk now but mostly a whisper.  And this would be why I do NOT let MY teens use the net.  Yet, they are "participants" in all this so they are to blame as well.  Hoping a lesson was learned.  She's okay.  She is just really angry and when you're on prednisone, that is not a good place to be.  Peaceful...out the window! 

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