Monday, July 11, 2011

Manic Monday

Okay, it was an FAS weekend to a tee!  URGHH!!!  I'm actually glad it's Monday.  Many were in rare form.  Argumentative, fighting, disobedient, etc.  You name it, they did it.  One of the girls even ripped my shirt.  And not an old shirt either.  I come out Sunday morning and Alyona is on top of Alaska screaming calm down. Now, Alaska was doing NOTHING but eating a chewie.  That's it.  I was really, really not happy with Alyona.  She knew better.  But, this is part of FAS.  They do stupid things for no reason whatsoever.  Those who have kids with FAS know exactly what I'm talking about. It is not easy.  And for us this past weekend, it was just simply bad.  We did not go to the carnival we were planning on going to.  Why?  Because the boys had to learn a lesson at some point.  Boys room was beyond a mess.  The hallway upstairs and the upstairs bathroom.  So, I picked up the hallway & bathroom.  Next morning brought them to the living room & dumped all 3 bags out of items.  Charged them .25 an item. If they didn't have money or didn't want to part w/ their money, they could earn it back at $1 an hour by doing labor.  Alex has done his time.  The other 3 boys have not.  Max will later today.  Bojan worked some yesterday.  So, Alex was the ONLY one who learned his lesson thus far.  He's been picking up before bed every night since saying he doesn't want to have to pay money again or do work.  Ahh, lesson learned.  Working on the other 3.  I think Bojan actually learned a bit as well but his attitude. is horrifying still.  Working on it.  So, long story short, no carnival. 

Irina and Yana got into a battle.  They are over it now but gee whiz.  It was one thing after another this weekend.  Definitely an FAS kind of weekend and one I don't care to repeat.  homeschool conference, w/ blantant signs saying don't sit on the stage, I turn to find Nik and Alex on the stage.  These same two kids were throwing airplanes across the room.  Yes, at that point I pretended NOT to know my own kids.  Ran out of meds for one of the kids.  Like I said, it was not a banner weekend.

But, we survived.  Kids went to VBS last night.  They're going through Thursday.  Praying this week goes better.  Kids are watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 right now.  All 13 of them.  Max is cooking hot dogs on the grill.  Today is a better day.  Trying to get organized for Alex & Alyona's b-day party.  It's this Saturday at 1 to 4pm.  Cookout/ pool party.  Hope it will be fun.  Not much going on this week.  Going to be super hot so lots of indoor stuff.  Alyona and a "little" were playing w/ paper dolls earlier today.  Trying to think of more indoor activities to do.  We've played games and baked a bit. 

More to come.  A picture post soon.  Need some pictures to break up all the words.  Just been busy getting ready for home school.  Got to go.  Enjoy your week. 

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