Thursday, July 28, 2011

Loosing our Marbles

Well, not quite.  We went last Thursday to a place locally called the Marbles Museum.  They had a special needs family night where families could come at night when it is less crowded.  This is very appreciated for sure.  Added bonus is there was no charge.  In addition, got some info for services for Irina as she enters into adulthood.  Very excited & have already started the phone calls. Umm, no return calls yet.  Got to love Johnston County.  And this is one of the many reasons we're moving.  Anyhow, wanted to share our time with you all. I don't have many pictures whatsoever as my batteries were dying. 

This was actually taken at the end of our visit to the museum.  We had our "8th child" with us this go around.  That's what we call her anyways.  She is truly just one of the family here.  Kyle isn't in the picture as he had already met his friends at the museum and left.  He went to hang out w/ friends for a few days.  I know he must miss the social life for sure as well, our kids are younger.  Don't ask why Max is wearing long sleeves & pants when it's 100 

 All the kids feeling the marbles and making noise.  Notice Nik thinks it's a bit too loud for his ears.  Kind of cool thing though.

 This is where Max is most at the driver's seat.  It's a mock bus.

Alex pretending to be in a submarine and exploring sea life.

 Alex ready to drop anchor.  Nik and Alyona just hanging around.  It really is a cool ship to check out. 

 Can we ever go somewhere w/out one of our children getting injured?  No.  Apparently not.  Keep in mind folks, this is NOT a dangerous place for it is a children's museum.  Bojan kept banging his head on the steering wheel on the bus b/c he wanted to see if it hurt.  It was from a movie he & Max had seen.  Again, for as smart as this kid is, we really need to work on common sense.  

This is Alyona & Nik in the cage that is on the second floor.  Hangs over the first floor and is kind of cool to look through.  

 Alex & Nik got to build cars and then race them.  Very imaginative for sure.  I know it seems like I only took pictures of them but that's b/c the older kids all went off on their own. 

 Alex & Nik playing ice hockey.  I would LOVE to have one of these in my new house.  Would love it.  I know it's not practical but really is a cool set up. 

Nik's face on a hundred dollar bill.  Can't picture it.  LOL.  The money exhibit here was so, so cool. 

It was over 100 outside.  Since the kids were so great at the museum (& frankly we were all parched for something to drink), we stopped off at the local gas station.  For our favorite summer treat...slushies!  Everyone was thrilled.  

You know, at first I thought the older kids would be totally bored.  They weren't.  They seem to have just as much fun as the younger ones.  We all enjoyed the evening out and slushies to top it off.  That was last Thursday.  This weekend it is first of the month.  Shopping and errand running.  Nothing planned which is actually a wonderful break.  The following weekend we'll have our FAS Support group pool party here.  We're also working out times that the kids can go to their grandparents house for a few days.  Warren's parents take a few at a time which is wonderful.  Yana starts cross country on Monday.  She is excited.  Hopefully, it will be cooler by then.  I'll take her this evening or tomorrow evening to get her physical.  Calling the schools in a bit to set up Yana and Max's IEP meeting for much unfinished business at the end of the school year.  This week I have had a much needed break from watching the kids.  Don't worry, they all return next week.  But, it has given me a chance to organize, make calls, straighten out insurance messes, etc.  Tomorrow, I plan on applying for a bunch of grants.  We'll see how that goes.  We're washing the van later today.  Other than that, we plan for a lazy summer day.  Clean up a bit and do laundry.  Lots of it.  LOL.  Got to go.  Much to do and ready to be caught up.  I do know I owe a bunch of folks emails.  I'm slowly getting to them.  Slow is the key word there.  Have to finish planning for August.  Oh, got the FBI prints back yesterday!  Have everything necessary for court now.  Just need them apostilled.  Much to do.  More to come.  Think I may be slack on the blog this weekend.  My excuse will be it's 104 out.  No, too many half started post.  I intend to finish some point.

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