Friday, July 8, 2011

I-800 Update

Okay, Wednesday, I called Immigration.  We have a nice lady now & I'm SO thankful.  Asked for a status update.  She said I see it's been received & I should have it on my desk tomorrow.  If I don't call you, it's fine.  Wonderful.  Today, you guessed it...I get the call.  I said I know you wouldn't be calling me unless you needed something.  Yep, sure did.  Somehow, there were no English translations w/ the kids' social & medical histories.  She also needed a copy of the I-800A approval but said she could get that herself from the files.  Also needed an Article 16 from the agency & our training certificate copy.  Fine.  I'll work on all that.  She told me if I can get it to her in an hour, she can approve it today and send it out.  I start calling my people.  Start hunting my emails and got my adoption paperwork scattered all over the floor to try to find stuff.  Did I mention I had 15 kids here today???  Do you think it was a bright idea trying to find this stuff, 15 kids wandering around, while I had homemade french fries cooking & the chicken cooking for fajitas for lunch.  Nothing like timing, huh?  Started giving orders & making sure nothing was burning.  Lady calls me back and she has found some of the missing items.  Still needed all the English translations.  And our training certificate.  You know, the class you take saying you're ready to be an adoptive parent.  Umm, after a certain #, you should be automatically exempt.  I didn't even have to read through the info, I could skip right to the test & answer all the adoptive parent questions.  Anyhow, long story short, we never did make that hour time frame but gave it a great shot.  So, looks like approval will come Monday instead of today.  Still okay.  Next part will be to get the Article 5 from the Embassy and then the NGO can request a court date.  Ahh, the ever awaited court date that makes the kids OUR kids forever more.  The court date that gives us an idea of when we'll be traveling.  So, just had to update on that bit of info. 

Got to go soon.  Boys have work to do.  I'll explain just what they did in another post.  Let's just say I bagged up some stuff today.  More to come. 

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  1. From the US embassy, your paperwork has to go back to MOJ for a few more signatures. Only after those have been received, can the NGO get a court date assigned. Our documents are currently at the MOJ for this step.