Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting ready for school (old post)

So much to say.  We went to orientations tonight and they were as expected.  Very pleased w/ Nik's setup and think for sure he will be reading this year.  His interpreter is a little worried I think that we won't need her.  Not true.  Definitely need her.  And, she's great w/ him!  Alyona's set up is good too.  I like what the class is doing.  I don't like that she is w/ peers in her grade level. She is shuffled out for inclusion stuff w/ other 4th graders.  Now, keep in mind, she is 11yo, BUT, her social ability is that of about a 4yo.  So, do you see why I'm concerned here?   Girls at lunch are not going to want to hang out w/ a 4yo little girl who has a high pitched voice.  Again, I'm giving it all a chance and seeing where it goes over the next month.

Then, we have Alex.  He is the one I'm gravely concerned about.  His class set up is horrible for him.  Really is.  The teachers don't see it.  They seemed to be praising the whole new team approach.  Every single time they do something new, they tote it as the greatest thing since sliced bread in the meetings and tell them to pass it onto the parents.  Reminds me some multilevel marketing type thing.  You know, hype it up, build it up and watch it fall.  Everyone is surely excited in the beginning.  Last year I was told Alex made progress in math.  yes, he did and I will not deny that.  However, he also got very behind in math.  He passed the EOG testing but that I can assure you was surely luck.  Why do I say this about my own son?  B/c it is true and doing him a disservice by being twisted around.  I gave him a short quiz today.  Was told he could do division last year at the end of the year.  Gave him some simple 3 digit addition problems and single digit multiplication problems.  Nope, couldn't do them.  Not the kid that passed the EOG's.  You know, the one who made such awesome progress.  This was under inclusion math last year btw.  I am really upset that they think this is no big deal and that Alex will excel.  Really, like last year?  Yes, I agreed at the meeting he made progress but also held him back b/c he was still so far behind.  He has FAS  and I don't think the school understands that one bit.  It is a common problem amongst FAS parents and the schools.  FAS children are not only developmentally behind, but around 3rd and 4th grade, they seem to reach plateaus in many areas.  I have 4 others that are FAS or FAE that are in older grades than Alex in school and some are even in high school now.  So, I think I can justify what I'm saying.  I know to outsiders it will look like progress for awhile.  yes, it does "look" like progress.  I can assure you, it's not.  Plus, FAS childrens' IQ's do not match up w/ their abilities due to other complexities of the disorders.  Yes, they are capable of learning but can they?  In some areas, no.  Math is a huge, huge problem for FAS kids as it has many abstractions.  Time and money are horrible concepts for FAS kids to learn.  Irina is still learning them at 17.5 yo.  That being said, now I think you all understand why I'm so terribly upset by this arrangement and how when the inclusion math class moves on as they did last year, Alex can not.

Well, wrote that last night.  Can see I've been a little busy,huh?  Today is no different.  14 kids here today.  Last day of that for awhile.  All will be in school except for 4 of them.  However, I will not have 4 all the time.

Again, wrote this one before school was starting last year.  Yes, my concerns were justified and proven throughout the year.  Hence, why they are now being homeschooled this coming year.  It was a crazy year for schooling this past year.  Hoping this coming year will have positive outcomes and lots of learning.  Time will tell.  It is still interesting to see what I thought about last year.  This was written before school started obviously. 

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