Saturday, July 30, 2011

For those who think we have it together.... (old post)

in the mornings, you obviously haven't woken up in this house for a school day.  LOL.  The teens are actually great.  Irina & Max wake up and get ready on their own.  Though lately we've realized Max has forgotten to take his medicine or make his lunch.  Max also hates to eat breakfast though we're trying desperately to break him of that habit.  Yana gets up on her own and out the door too.  We actually say bye to her every morning.

The real work begins trying to get the boys out of bed...several times.  Once out of bed, Nik will come down in his shark slippers dressed in whatever he wore the night before thinking that's okay to go to school in. 

Geez, I really wished I had finished this post.  It could have been a funny one for sure.  These old posts are becoming blasts from the pasts a bit too.  Can't wait to go through more.  For now, going to bed.  

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