Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flowers in bloom

I'm collecting some wildflowers.  Not just here at the house, but from across the ocean as well.  Let me explain.  The other day, I tried an experiment w/ those wildflower seed packets.  Looked like a bunch of weeds had grown.  The post is a few posts back if you want to see pictures of said weeds.  But, look through all that "junk" and see what I see:

 A beautiful pink flower waiting to be picked.

 A gorgeous yellow flower waiting to be picked.

A precious orange flower, waiting to be picked.  

So many beautiful flowers that alone, don't look all that appealing.  Yet, they longed to be picked.  For someone, just one person to come along that wildflower field and scoop them up.  I know when they stand alone, their problems may stand out more.  A broken leaf here or there, not so long a stem, different colorings on them, what have you.  Yet, once you put them with other flowers, they tend to take on a transformation all their own.  

Separately, the flowers don't seem that big of deal.  Yet together, they're imperfections are gone.  they are simply perfect.  They belong together.  The flowers make a wonderful bouquet together.   Doesn't matter what may be wrong or different about that one flower, together, they have a huge impact on people.  They are beautiful, amazing, and stand out.  Yes, my wildflower garden may have been a mess but it taught me something along the way too.  Always, always look for the beauty in things.  Especially, if you don't see it at first.  Those weren't a bunch of weeds growing but a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

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