Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feathers, fences, flies & freaking out

Weird title but been weird week here and there.  We'll start and work our way through the title I guess.  Feathers. Hmm.

Yes, bringing feathers in the car was not the best idea for the driver or passengers for that matter.  They kept playing w/ these feathers.  More on these in the  next post as they are just gorgeous.  For those wondering though, never bring long peacock feathers in the car.  

Max & Bojan worked on fixing the fence in the backyard.  We took the chain horsewire fence and added the black panels we already had to raise the height of the fence.  Obviously, trying to contain Alaska and Kota.  It's working for that part of the yard but we have one side that must be fenced in.   Trouble is, no money, no fence.  URGHH!!!  One small side of fencing and our lives would be quite a bit easier.  Going to keep an eye out on Craigslist & local list for fencing and if any of you see any, let me know. Has to be at least 6' high. 

Does she look a bit different?  Okay, this was taken when the bite hadn't gotten so bad yet.  The next day she woke up w/ her face literally swollen shut.  She only had one eye.  Wore shades the entire day.  Doc gave her predisone for 12 days and it has since gone day quite a bit & pretty much back to normal.  They said horsefly bit her, I think it was yellow jacket.  

Okay, so we're not freaking out here b/c the garage should appear on hoarders.  No.  We're freaking out here b/c of what was found in our tea container.  The big red thing next to Nik.  Inside it is not a tea bag. No.  It is a mouse w/ a nice tail.  Can you say YUCK!!!  When the kids went to get the container & took the lid off, there was definitely some freaking out involved.  

More pictures to come about Alyona & Alex's parties.  More posts too.  We have some MAJOR advocacy calls to get out.  We really do folks.  I finally got around to doing the RSS(reluctant spouse syndrome) post.  BTW, Warren wasn't too mad about it.  He took it in stride.  He also said you really shouldn't give your secrets away on here.  LOL.  If you haven't, please read the post on orphanage supplies needed.  It is two posts back.  I can not thank the people enough who've stepped up right now.  BTW, if you are Pat, please, please email me at  I can not find a way to write you back.  A playground would be VERY needed as theirs is very broken.  Would love to speak to you more about your ideas to help the orphanages over there.  

Got to go.  Dinner cook.  More to come.  Tons going on.  Oh, please keep questions coming.  Really need some more questions.  Can't wait to get to answering some of them.  Again, any question is fine.  Whether it's about adoption, mental health dx's, grocery costs, moving, sibling rivalry love, etc.  Ask me anything.  Will answer them this week.  Hope your weekend was a great one.  Ours was l-o-u-d! 

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