Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Needed NOW for Jack!!!

Okay, there are 2 wonderful boys I must tell you about.  They are from EE.  Two different countries.  Neither country will let me post photos.  One country is a Hague country, one is not.  Both countries I have or am in process of adopting from . ha, there's your hint.

Joey-- Joey is a 3yo little boy.  We are awaiting official dx of the limb difference.  What I see is all 4 limbs are indeed there.  Nothing going on w/ the arms from what I can gather.  Keep in mind, I'm NOT an expert.  Basing on Bojan a bit as he has digit differences, clubfoot, and missing leg.  Joey is healthy other than the limb difference.  Now, the orphanage feels he may or may not have hearing issues but unfortunately, can not be tested until stateside.  As a parent w/ a child w/ limb differences and a child w/ hearing issues, I can assure you both are quite manageable and a normal life is absolutely a possibility.  This little boy has SO MUCH potential with a family in the states that can get his hearing tested and address the limb difference.  Are you this little boy's mom or dad?  This country will allow singles and older parents.  It will also allow big families. 

Jack-- Oh my oh my!  I could scoop this one up in a lie!  His personality just shines through in photos.   That sweet blonde haired kid will win you over.  Just sweetness exudes from him.  Jack is 6yo and going to an institution.  His main issue?  Arthrogryposis.  Yep.  That's it.  And, it only effects his legs.  He does have a few other issues as well but most are related to the limb differences such as scoliosis and hip dysplasia.  His legs are in a criss cross position.  He is 6yo.  Developmentally, he is fine.  He has a life sentence coming to him when he turns 7 in November.  It's an institution where he will remain.  A family MUST be found for him and soon.  He is not a big boy at all.  There is a $5,000 grant available as well to help w/ expenses of his adoption.  A family interested in Jack will have to keep in mind medical care will be necessary when home.  So access to medical care or a Shriners is important.  

Okay, I personally have a kid w/ limb differences.  I can assure you, it does NOT stop Bojan from doing anything whatsoever.  There are no limits.  None.  Bojan is getting ready to go to middle school.  Had he stayed where he was, this may not have been possible.  They always told me he'd be someone's President someday.  Anything is possible if given a chance.  Jack and Joey need this chance.  A chance at love, a chance at a family, a chance at life.  Both can go so, so far in life especially since they are both young.  I can only imagine the possibilities.  Endless.  But, it starts with a simple yes.  Please consider these two boys.  If you can't adopt, at least help spread the word.  Jack especially is running out of time. Once in the institution, he has no chance of being adopted out of there. None. All hope lost.  Please think of these two boys.  One's life is in the balance.  I'm sure you've seen the results of transferring these kids to an institution.  And for a limb difference?!  Give Jack a chance at a new life.  A life where he can do things.  Reach his fullest potential.  Not lie in an institution and wait to die.  This kid has spunk!  He's got life and ready to live it.  Please help him do so.

For either of these kids, you can connect Kids To Adopt out of WA state for more details.  I have some other details but they'll have lots more of course.  Ask to speak to either Katie or Sandy.  Both can help you w/ your son.  I would not be advocating for these two if I didn't think it was critical.  There are these two kids and the sibs w/ CF(cystic fibrosis) that I know have a ton of potential.  The 2yo and 3yo sibs w/ CF have no chance at life if they stay.  Their fees are low.  Any of these children you can find out more info on.  Their website is and it has their contact info on there.  All 4 of the kids I've spoken about are from Eastern Europe.  Thanks for taking the time to look and feel free to pass it on.  These children need a home and fast!

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