Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dog days of summer

Well, we are in the dog days of summer here in NC.  High 90's, 100's.  Hot, humid, sticky out.  Those that live in the south can totally relate.  Thought I'd share a little more of what we do in Chaos Manor during our dog days here.

 We eat tons of watermelon during our dog days here.  This is Alyona w/ a nice white shirt on.  I should frankly make them go shirtless when eating this but can't really do that w/ the girls.  Nothing like watermelon after a swim.

We find shade in our yard.  Favorite spot as usual is in the hammock under the canopy of trees.  It's great.  Alex had woken up here.  Before, he was sound asleep in the hammock. 

 Shucking corn is something you find us doing quite often in summer.

Here's Max shucking some corn.  Don't mind the help but hate it when they leave the hairs(corn silk) in.  Drives me bonkers.  

 True dog days of summer.  Digby of course is the only dog allowed out w/out any leash.  He's just enjoying his time in the shade 

Some dog days are spent riding toys down a steep hill in the yard in our bathing suits.  Umm, no, we are not competing for yard of the year...ever.  My kids have too much fun riding up and down the driveway and yard w/ bikes and such.

And of course, we absolutely swim tons during our dog days of summer.  All my kids and their friends are fish in the water.  And if you're wondering, no they can not jump from that trampoline into the pool.  

More happens here in summer but that's a good idea.  We do intend in August some time to venture to the beach.  Warren hates the beach.  Can't wait to go this year.  It's a day trip but so much fun.  Other than that, we're laying low here.  Waiting for our kids to come home finally.  Got to go.  We're doing operation clean up outside today.  Right now, we're all taking a break.  More to come. 

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