Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chaos Manor Happenings in pics

Thought it was time for a post of what's been going on around here.  You know, some things that I don't post about or behind the scene going ons. 

 Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to why Warren is walking away from the house w/ two and a half dozen eggs???  Seriously, you won't believe this one.  Okay, we went to the store as soon as we came home last weekend.  We found the eggs still in the car, this Saturday!  Can you say yuck?  It's been in the high 90's here.  Definitely hotter inside the van.  Yep, they were pretty much cooked and then rotten.  The sad part is, someone was sitting by the eggs and never took them in the house after the store...URGHH!!!  No wonder I'm broke, having to throw food away.  And no, this is NOT a first time incident w/ food being left in the van. It has happened w/  a frozen turkey, chicken and orange juice to name a few.  Seat checkers are going to have to start paying up b/c they sure aren't doing their job.

Okay, we can not ever keep a can opener in this house.  Can't have the automatic ones b/c our cans are jumbo sized of course.  So, Warren found this can opener but none of us could figure out how to work it.  Warren finally figured it out.  Still did not do the job.  Another failed can opener.  We do need suggestions b/c none of ours have worked thus far.

Alex seeing what shapes and designs he can make out of buttermilk pancakes.

Ahh, another victim of the dog.  This is Nik's T-mic.  We now have absolutely no spares.  Going to work on getting another one for sure.  It looks like cheap plastic but I can assure you, there are NO cheap parts for Nik's implants.  And yes, we've replaced about every single part.  

 This is the old grill that has fallen apart.  I beg Warren to throw it out but this is the one he uses to cook fish on.  Puts the fish in a pan of course, not on that thing.  Well, opened it up the other day and this is what was found.

 A nice little bird's nest.  With little robin's eggs in it.  Kids all took a peak.  It was kind of cool.  Around our yard, it is surprising for the kids to see nests and eggs.  We've also been able to witness just hatched birds begging for food.  

This is what you would call epic fail.  Do NOT, do NOT buy those wildflower seed packets.  Yes, this is them.  YOu get wild flowers every once in awhile but for the most part, it looks like weeds.  So, Max will take a weedwacker to it and take care of things.  I think next year I'll stick to something else.

Today is Wednesday.  We have a church picnic type thing this evening that we'll be going to.  Other than that, hanging out here.  Picking up our produce from the farmer tomorrow.  Keeping this week low key to balance out the past few weeks.  Saturday, we have a homeschool conference and if we make it out in time, we can come back and catch part of a carnival.  Sunday is church.  Hoping to do something w/ the kids afterwards but Warren and I have not decided what as of yet.  Other than that, not much happening this week.  That's a good thing.  Gives us time to catch up on around the house cleaning and preparing for homeschool.  Got to go.  Going to attempt to call the FBI and immigration in a minute.  Ahh, wish me luck.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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