Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birdhouse making

Some have asked what we do all day in the hot days of summer.  Finding projects here and there helps.  So, the one day we went and made birdhouses out of old gourds.  A neighbor had dropped off a garbage bag full of old gourds.  Go to Lowes and buy the leftover "oops" paint cans that are cheap.  You know, colors that no one wants.  So, we decided to make birdhouses one day. 

 We started off by sanding all the gourds.  Sun was bright this day so ignore all the faces on the kids. 

We took much needed slushie breaks.  Actually, this was Alyona's leftover from the night before.  Look at the size of those drinks for just .69!  I think she was quite delighted w/ her drink, how about you?

Then we had Max & Kyle help drill holes in all the birdhouses.  Not as easy as it looks. they do have round bottoms remember.

After the holes are drilled, empty all contents from inside the birdhouse.  Sure wish I could just shake that garage free of contents.  LOL.  Yes, it is indeed on the to do list. 

 Nik, getting ready to stir a very full can of paint.  May not have been my brightest idea.

 Irina, Yana and Nik working on their paint job.  At first, we didn't think the color would turn out okay.  Once on, we really liked it.

 Alyona took a bit of a short cut w/ a spray paint can. 

These are two of the finished products drying.  We still need to put hooks in them and tie them up.  I think they turned out pretty good.  Gave us something to do, something that all ages can do and something that kept us all busy for a little while.  Now, to hang them up and let the birds come a knocking on their new houses.  Now maybe they won't make nests in our grill any more. 

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