Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ask me anything

I thought I'm always the one writing stuff on here, time for others to write something.  Well, ask something.  We're pretty much an open book in this home.  Shoot, after adopting 10 kids internationally, your life becomes an open book.  At least to your social workers it does.  LOL.  I know quite a few have asked me questions off line.  And that's fine.  But, I also know that many may have the same questions.  I'll take questions on here, off line, wherever.  I thought once I get a few questions, I'll post the answers.  Whether it's something goofy you wanted to know about us or something serious, we're open.  Something about FAS, RAD, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Developmental delays, AN(auditory neuropathy), speech, ADHD, limb differences, CAPD, or the many other gamet of dx's our kids have.  I know I don't talk much about individual dx's on this blog.  More as a group or mostly as just my kids being kids.  Our thing is trying to separate adoption behavior, versus regular kid behavior, versus FAS behaviors, etc.  Sometimes easier said then done.  Anyhow, ask me anything.  Dogs, kids, house, moving, food, anything.  I'm game.  Wow, three posts in one day. 


  1. What are your recommendations on things to do when adopting an older child? What have you done to help the older children to attach?

  2. This is great and i would really like to know what techniques you have used to help the ADHD, we are only managing 1 hour twice a week for study with a private teacher and even with that she gets very distracted.
    Secondly are dealing with PTSD and RAD, what do you find works for you when dealing with total defiance and anger.
    You have many children, how do they manage to get along, especially when dealing with different issues, I ask this again for advice for me as my daughter does not play nice with other children so can not be left alone with anyone at the moment. You have children with many issues interacting daily together how does this work?
    I read your blog and wonder how you hold it together, some of the issues your children have are very exhausting to deal with,how to you manage so well.

  3. Many of my questions will come in the next few weeks. I'm anxious to hear about your trip to Bulgaria. I'm also interested in hearing about the stepping stones with accepting a child around the age of 3 because of language barriers, etc.