Friday, July 29, 2011

Amazing agencies & how to pick them!

I know I have not disclosed on here who my adoption agencies are.  I thought it was high time I do that and explain why.  Why it is so very important to pick the right agency.   Okay, I've been in the adoption world in one way or another for over 12 years now.  I have seen the good, the bad & the ugly of agencies.  Yes, all of it.  I have warned a friend about a certain agency as she was pursuing an adoption.  She ended up losing $10K to that agency.  Point is, you can kind of tell after awhile who is on the up and up and who is not.  Who is willing to go to bat for you when things are not going so well.  Trust me, this is vital.  Gosh, I'm not even sure how to begin all this.  I'll give it a shot.  I may be all over the map with this post but bare with me.

I'll start with generalizations and go from there.  There is good AND bad with every single agency.  I don't care what they tell you, it's the truth.  You are dealing with a variety of people and opinions.  One person may think things are moving quickly and the other person will think it's a snail's pace.  Obviously, a personal perception is in play somewhat with agencies.  You are not going to please everyone all the time.  That's just a fact in business.  And yes, adoption agencies are indeed a business and you are their client.  You need to treat them as hired help. I know that sounds bad but it's true.  You don't always have to say yes and agree w/ what they say.  You learn this after so many adoptions.  For example, they may tell you you must get a visa from a certain agency or book a certain hotel. Umm, no, you don't.  You can get your own visa directly through the consulate in the US.  We saved hundreds by doing this w/ our Russian adoptions.  You can also book apartments.  They will tell you you have to stay at certain places.  No, you don't.  YOu are paying them to transport you.  They will try to steer you in certain places to make it easy on them.  Do what is most cost efficient for you.  Do stay in the area you need to but you are not restrained to staying in a certain hotel.  A good agency will give you flexibility in you making the choices.

A good agency will NOT be afraid to tell you when things are not going right.  That is the one thing I love about our agency.  They tell us the DAY they find out when something is wrong.  They don't try to sugar coat anything.  Tell it like it is.  Adoption is not all roses.  I think we can all agree on that one.

Okay, I will write more on this later b/c I have the best agencies ever!  Remember, right now I'm just going through some old posts and posting what I've got.  Remind me to do this one again though.  I think it's important for sure.

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