Monday, July 25, 2011

Alex & Alyona's party (part III)

After cake and ice cream, it was time to open presents.  Remember, this was all last Saturday. 

 Alyona with Ms. Mary.  Well, most call her Ms. Mary Farmer though that's not her last name.  She's a farmer & a dear friend of ours.  2 of her 4 kids are from Alex & Yana's orphanage.  Our kids go to their farm and her kids come here.  All the kids get along which in itself is a miracle.  LOL.  She brought 12 peacock feathers to give to Alyona & ALL the kids at the party thought they were the coolest thing.  Yes, from real peacocks she has at the farm. 

 Alex receiving another gift.  A Dr. Who dvd.  My kids love Dr. Who.  Don't ask.  I personally think it's weird but hey, they like it so I let it go. 

Alyona receiving a pocket book.  Nice and shiny & girlie.  Just her style!

 Alyona with a baby doll.  She still loves those baby dolls of hers. 

Alex with some of his new cash.  Umm, do you think he likes it?  He's getting better about it.(for those that know the history of Alex & money issues)  
Both kids received many gifts. Quite the generous friends they have for sure!  All had a wonderful time but the afternoon nor evening wasn't over.  NOpe, it kept going on and on.  After presents, the kids headed back out to the pool for more swimming and activities.

 I forget who it was but someone thought water guns would be a great idea for presents.  The older kids took over the water guns as you can see.  Jumped in the pool clothes & all.

 More water gun power.  See, our parties are not age specific.  LOL. 

 Do you think they're having fun yet?  Some of the teens here.

Friends.  Ally, Angel and Alyona.  I think Alyona really enjoyed her party.

After all the days festivities, some went home  & then came back to spend the night later.  Alyona only had Angel spend the night.  I originally told them they could have one friend over.  Didn't know the teens would be having their friends over as well.  But, we survived.  Alex had his friend Ben over.  So, after all day of kids being here, we then left for the church.

 We headed to church for a softball game & some food.  Like we needed more food after those b-day parties.  This is Kyle and Alex standing waiting for a ball to come their way. 

 Nik & Yana.  Just standing.  Umm, yeh that's pretty much what they did the whole time.  Both these two have different attributes other than athleticism and that's all we'll say about that. 

Nik, impatiently waiting for his turn to bat.  All the kids seemed to have a good time at the church outing.  We didn't stay too long as we had people coming back to the house for the other part of the party...slumber.

Slumber they did NOT!  URGHH!!!  Long night is an understatement.  It was then I made the proclamation no one is spending the night for two weeks.  That should tell you how that went.  Next day we obviously did not make it to church service.  Just was a very long weekend but the kids all had a really good time.  So, I can't complain.  Glad that Alex & Alyona had a good time w/ friends and family for their parties.  They told us they had an awesome time.  

Now, off to do some more stuff today.  Next post will be what we did the other day w/the kids.  Still have not heard word on how our visa appointment went last week.  Keeping fingers crossed here.  Just ready to get my kids.  Need to make Logan a present for an upcoming birthday soon.  Trying to think of something.  Got to go.  Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed the party.

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