Friday, July 22, 2011

Alex & Alyona's party (part II)

Time to have not so many words for a change.  Time to see what the new kiddos have in store for them once home. 

 Alyona showing off one of her gifts.  Candy and a giant cookie.  See, the girls' friend had already given Alyona a present before she left for Chicago.  She JUST got off the plane & came straight to the house for the party & wanted to have something for Alyona.  Very sweet of her.

Irina, took a picture of herself.  She loves messing w/ the camera.

 Everyone starting to line up for a swing at the pinata.

Nik, lining up the pinata to try and get the best swing in possible.  Alex was not too happy w/ a heart pinata.  Hey, we buy them when they're 75% off.  So, Valentine's heart it was.  LOL.  He wanted a shark.  I said next year I'll get you the shark.  Remind me to go to the summer pinata sale.

 Well, someone came up and knocked the pinata off the string & it couldn't be re-hung.  So, Max decided to aid w/ the distribution of candy. 

I think there's more kid than candy in that pile!  I had a couple bag fulls in there though.  Trust me, they had plenty.  After the pinata & swimming, all kids were going back inside for cake and ice cream

 Some of the group getting ready for the birthday cake.  Other people are standing in the other half of the room.  It was a full house for sure.

 Their Aunt Lisa surprised the kids by coming for the party.  She's lighting the candles on the cakes and cupcakes.  Alex is 11 yo and Alyona is now 12yo.  So hard to imagine.  Where'd my little toddler go? 

Alex and Alyona giving it their all to blow out all those candles.  We had cake and ice cream and of course watermelon for such a hot day.  

That's part 2 of their party.  I'll do the gift opening and then more swimming part later.  We had an all night slumber party so the party truly never seem to end.  Kids had an awesome time for sure.  MOre to come on their party. 

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