Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alex & Alyona's party (part I)

Saturday we celebrated Alex & Alyona's birthdays.  Both their birthdays fall on times when we were super busy so we had to wait.  First, we were in Bulgaria, then to PA for a family reunion, then the 4th of July, and we finally landed on this weekend for a party.  They were both great at being patient & waiting for their party though I was asked quite a few times when it was.  thought I'd share a little of how it went yesterday...and today as it is 3:33pm and some of them are still here.  Well, I started this on Saturday.  It's now Wednesday. 

 Prepping for the party.  Kyle demonstrating a little static electricity.  Funny as all of Alyona's hair can stand up.  All the kids helped blow up balloons and Kyle taught them how to blow up a balloon inside of a balloon.  It really was pretty cool.  

Yana, looking less than thrilled to help out w/ the balloons.  I had taken her shades away.  It was getting ridiculous w/ those things and trying to cover up the eye when nothing was swollen.  Hence, the not happy shot.  

 We had lunch not too long after everyone arrived.  I think there were 25 guests or so so we pretty much ate wherever.  This is a shot of some of them at the table.  

Birthday boy gobbling down some corn and loving it.

 Birthday girl Alyona w/ her friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is from the orphanage Yana and Alex were from.  They all were in the same hosting program.  Great thing is, they don't live too far. 

 Nik & Yana getting ready to do something not so smart, I'm sure.  Daredevils.

Yana and Nik.  I think they're having fun, how about you?

 Poor Max.  But, he's always a willing participant.  Ben(a friend), Bojan, Alex and Max goofing around.

Max had just finished throwing one of the kids in the water.  

Elizabeth, Irina, Moriah, and Yana enjoying some girl time.  Notice Nik's flying leg in front of them?  Never dull.  Hey, got a picture which is a miracle w/ all the action.  

So much more to this party that lasted, all day, all night and an entire next day.  But, I have forms to fill out and got to get ready for an appointment today.  Stay tuned for more to come.  And, I have 2 limb difference kids to find families for.  One is a 3yo boy and the other a 6yo boy.  CUTE kids and seem like great personalities to boot.  More details to come. 2 different countries.  One is being moved to an institution soon so time is of the essence.  More to come. 

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