Wednesday, July 13, 2011

100 degrees out....

and how do you entertain 12 to 15 kids every single day at home?

Why bring out a box of good humor bars & set them down on the coffee table.  

When you reach a certain #of kids, you can care less where they eat.  Do you think leaving the piles of adoption paperwork on the coffee table is the best idea ever?  

I think they enjoyed their ice cream break for sure.  Hey, at only 100 calories for a fudge bar, not too bad for me either.  

Or, you can have them take naps.  Well, I didn't ask but the teens in this house seem to be able to take a nap on a whim.  Must be nice.  URGHH!!!  Even Alaska doesn't mind.  That dog thinks she's human.  

Kids are entertained by the trampoline any time of the year.  And, water makes it more slippery.   Now, had told Bojan not to wear his leg when jumping or he can get hurt or really hurt someone else w/ it.  He knows this. I think he is taking the whole teen defiance level a bit early don't you??  And, you should see him jump on one leg, flip, and land on the same one leg.  Amazing.  

Or, they can relax in the pool like Max is doing here.  On a hot day.  

Right now, all my kids are inside.  We have 13 kids here today.  They're all watching Spongebob right now eating popcorn.  Well, older kids are chit chatting in their rooms. Not into Spongebob so much.  Told them all we must clean up before we watch much of anything else.  

We have VBS tonight.  While there, Warren and I will go to the store and get a few things for the kids' b-days this coming weekend.  Keeping it simple for sure.  Then, Alex & Alyona will have a friend spend the night too.  After their party, we have a church softball game and cookout.  Sunday, church and hopefully put up the rest of that fence to keep the pups in.  Keeping busy this weekend for sure.  I think I finally have somewhat of a handle on the homeschool front.  We'll see.  Step by step.  Next, working on a bunch of grants.  Got to go.  Got to get cooking.  Have VBS this evening but need to cook before I go.  Kids are still hungry when we get home.  Making baked meatballs this evening I think.  Yum.  

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