Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I learned while in Bulgaria

I thought I could share some of the things I learned while in Bulgaria.

1.  If you are not used to cigarette smoke, get used to it.

2.  There is not a smooth sidewalk anywhere to be found in the entire country. And this one is not even one of the bad ones. You must watch where you step.

3.  If you are driving with a native Bulgarian, rest assured they will indeed pass the car in front of them.  It does not matter one bit if another car is coming straight for them.  Hold on tight when you pass or you may pass out!

4.  There are grapevines growing everywhere you can think of.  Quite beautiful throughout the country.  

5.  Plovdiv is the wedding dress capital of the country.  No kidding.  People come from all over the country to buy their wedding dresses there we are told.  So neat to drive by all the shops filled w/ wedding dresses.  Our translator got hers there too.

6. Roses are beautiful this time of year.  Logan took this picture for us. 

7.  Bulgarians have the BEST salads ever!  The fresh veggies there were out of this world.  Loved it.  Wish I could cook like they do.  

8.  Parking spaces can be made anywhere.  Especially, on sidewalks.  

9.  You will be thought of as odd if you ask for ice in Bulgaria for your drink.

10.Bulgarian is a mix of many languages.  you are bound to recognize quite a few words.  There is Russian, slavic, Italian, & many more.  

11. Red tile roofs are everywhere.  Really is pretty.  Sorry but this shot was taken in a moving car.  Quickly moving.  

12. No matter how hard you try, you will never, ever get used to the opposite head nodding when it comes to yes and no.  Drove us bonkers the whole trip.  Guess it drove our kids bonkers too as they started saying yes and no versus da and ne.  

13.  No matter where you go, there will be soda, water, candy and such sold on every corner in a little stand.  

So many other things we learned while there.  We were able to take in so much of the culture and in turn learn so much about their culture.  Truly was a great experience.  We can barely wait to go back.  Our I-800 was sent off this week.  Pray it gets done quickly for us.  They are double checking making sure we need nothing else for court to happen.  I hand delivered our updated docs.  So, other than the I-800, we should be good to go.  Please, please let us get a nice Mr. Immigration officer this time around.  Some of you may remember the man that decided since Irina was 17 at the time, we should go get her fingerprinted.  It is NOT required.  It is solely left up to the immigration officer.  Had we been approved back in November when we were supposed to be, the kids would have been home by now.  However, you can't think of it that way.  We had such a great time this past week, it turned out to be perfect timing.  Still, please pray we get a nice guy or lady that will approve our I-800 quickly so that we can get the kids home in a timely manner and onto the healing that one of them really needs.  

I'm sure we will learn tons more next trip.  Can not wait.  It is wonderful to learn about other cultures.  The Swedish gentlemen and us were learning so much from how each of our cultures think.  Hope we continue to grow and learn. I think it is vital to learn the little things when you go to other countries.  That way, you can teach your children about their culture when they get older.  Always learn something new.  Always.  Much to do today so another post will come later this evening.  Getting back and preparing to leave again right away has left us super duper busy.

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