Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a day!

It's Saturday right now.  Starting this at 9pm and most likely won't finish any time soon.  Why?  Well, it's been a day for sure.  We decided to have an impromptu yardsale to try to raise funds for the orphanage.  Hey, we can't expect people to donate if we haven't tried to exhaust every avenue we have to earn the funds.  Hence, despite being super busy w/ end of school stuff & things, I've been trying to sell things as well.  We only made $70 from the yardsale which was a bummer.  However, right after that we had an ice cream fundraiser.  And I literally mean right after that.

Some of the neighborhood kids came to help.  Believe it or not, there are about 4 people standing behind them all.  it was hot but not unbearable.  By unbearable in NC, you mean 100 degrees w/ 100% humidity.  I think it was only in the low 90's so we were good w/ that.  Plus, snacking on ice cream didn't hurt any.

 Nik was wanting to take a bit of a nap.  He refused to go in the pool b/c he was so afraid he'd miss his friend's b-day party that evening.  Poor kid.  Still learning time.  Told him he won't miss it but he wasn't taking chances. 

 No unearthly idea what Yana is looking at.  Her & Bojan were trying to attract traffic & dancing in the street. 

Bojan showing us what ice cream was available. Clear skies as you can see.  People were very generous.  We made $151 from the ice cream fundraiser!  Kids were so excited and asked how close were were.  Told them we were at $1146.  I know we can absolutely get there to our goal.  Would be wonderful to be able to tell the orphanages.  Please continue to help spread the word.  Just $4 ONE time is all it takes.  There are folks on here who have given TWICE!  That kind of heart just blows me away.   Then we have people who have collected from their Sunday School classes.  Amazing.  There are a couple hundred people who visit this site.  I just need 213 of them to donate $4 ONE time.  Or, at least help spread the word to friends and family.  there are hundreds of children counting on us even though they don't even know it yet.  Please share the story w/ those you know.  Go back and read put yourself in their shoes a few posts back.  All is true.  There are orphans all over the world suffering.  Missing the basics.  We can at least provide a little of the basics.  I guarantee you the $4 will most likely not effect your lifestyle.  HOwever, it would change the lives of hundreds of children for the better.  Just wanted to give the reminder.  I know I sound like a broken record but we are truly running out of time.  We are doing what we can on our end.  Impromptu fundraiser and yardsale on the same day is no easy feat to pull off.  But, we did.  thanks for listening yet again.  Tell others to comb the couches for loose change.  

After the fundraiser, we were beat.  But, had to get other things done.  Nik had a party.  Out of boys' wrapping paper so used Christmas paper.  Oh well.  It was wrapped.  I've decided I am not stressing myself out this week over little things.  Too many big things to worry about.  After dropping Nik off, I spoke w/ a friend/ neighbor of mine that has a student w/ an IEP as well.  We discussed the issues w/the schools here & homeschooling options.  Reassuring when you know you're not alone.  Picked up some things from Wally World and headed home.  Kids helped clean the house.  My kids & neighbor's kids.  Bojan spent the night at a friend's while 3 other kids are spending the night here. Hmm, that is not a fair trade.  LOL.  We're all up and it's midnight.  Well, little kids are in bed.  Big kids are up.  Stupid dares.  Too disgusting to even mention.  Seriously, you'll want to throw up.  Getting up & going to church.  Homemade pancakes, sausage & bananas are on the menu for breakfast.  Oh, and watermelon that we forgot to cut tonight.  Lots going on tomorrow for sure.  HAVE to get this stuff done.  T-7 days and we are running out of time.  

Wonderful day talking to people.  My friend Rebecca(more about this great lady later), brought her daughter over today & Alyona & her played together.  She also brought over a full bag of brand new pajamas for the kids in Bulgaria.  How sweet is that?!  What a gracious heart.  Very thankful for that.  Rarely do orphans ever get anything new.  These kids will look awesome in their pj's. Love it!  

We also got to talk to a wonderful lady I met online.  She is a teacher locally & works w/ deaf students.  Just such an interesting lady to speak w/ and learn from.  Great suggestions.  And, the kids, even teens, were watching & listening intently to her.  Very sweet lady & glad I had the pleasure of meeting her face to face.  Nik was playing shy.  working on that.  Plus, he was so focused on his party.  Wasn't much of a talker today.  

Well, need to try to get some teens to settle down.  I will try to get stuff written tomorrow but honestly, the adoption stuff MUST come first since we are leaving.  Car needs washing, 3 dogs need washing, grocery shopping, house needs to be cleaned, video made, 3 photo albums made, POA's made, I-800 filled out (don't even say it, I'm slow), laundry done, script picked up, start packing (yeh, right), & too many other things to mention.  Again, blogging last on list.  There is more than a ton going on w/ this adoption and with the end of school.  Some items I am not at liberty to share as of yet.  I will but just like the CPS case I had to keep quiet on till all was done, same goes w/ some of this adoption journey.  I do intend to share all, but for now, I can't.   When I tell you money is needed for the orphanages, it is needed for basics.   Praying things will be okay when we go this coming weekend.  There is more to share but for now, need some sleep.  Tons going on is an understatement.  Enjoy your weekend.

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