Thursday, June 9, 2011

We're staying where?!?!

This you will not want to miss b/c you may get a laugh.  Okay, first things first.  There are 3 rules everyone should follow when adopting.  Here goes:

1.  You are NEVER in control.
2.  ALWAYS expect the unexpected.
3.  Be flexible.

If you follow these three rules, you will do just fine during any adoption journey.  This adoption journey has tested us more than probably the other 7 combined.  Not kidding.  (once journey is totally complete, I'll tell you the whole story start to finish).  So, it is no surprise that we should have more interesting things happen from time to time.

Everyone who goes to Bulgaria stays in Sofia, the capital at some point.  We are no exception.  Though going to 2 different regions, half our time in country is in Sofia.  Obviously, we need a place to stay, right?

You all know that we recently received somewhat outrageous hotel prices.  We then requested something less extravagant.  We're fine w/ just about anything as we have camped & are pretty simple people any ways.  Well, we got just about anything.  The two regions we're staying in are fantastic.  The one hotel is somewhat like a quaint Bavarian chalet.  Has it's own wine cellar & looks like it will be relaxing.  And no, not b/c of the wine.  The other hotel in the other region is simple but seems fine.

The hotel in Sofia is a little different.  It is called Scotty's Boutique.  It is shall we say...unique.  Now, before anyone out there gets upset or anything else, I will start by saying I have no problems w/ the hotel.  It's just not my kind of thing.  What do I mean by that?  Here's an excerpt from a review:

Scotty's Boutique Hotel just opened in February 2005 and is the first gay hotel in Sofia, located in the heart of the city in a recently renovated and completely reconstructed building which is part of the city's historical heritage. Within walking distance to the major business, government and shopping district. Many restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Opposite the Sofia's Synagogue and the Old Market Hall called Halite. One minute walk to the major Catholic Cathedral and the most famous Mosque of Sofia and the Old Mineral Bath House (currently under reconstruction). Near to the biggest Orthodox Cathedral on the Balkans St. Alexander Nevski, National Museum of History, the former King's Palace and present National Art Gallery and many other historical landmarks.

All staff at Scotty's is gay. At the reception you can get info and assistance whenever you need it. Scotty's is straight friendly, but most guests are gay and lesbian. You can have your own guests at day and night without extra charges; your guests needs to get registred at the reception. He can have a breakfast too. You can walk to several gay bars and clubs: 3 minutes to Exit, 5 minutes to Vital and to Why Not, 10 minutes to Joy and to Twelve Chairs restaurant, 20 minutes to Sax and Kayo, 30 minutes to Flamingo. 

I really was not sure at first how to take all this.  No, we can not change hotels.  The rooms have been paid for.  Our take in all this is we signed up for whatever may happen.  Just b/c it may not be who we are, does not mean we can't sleep there.  We said from the get go we were up to anything.  I guess we should not have been so literal.  LOL.  If you look up this hotel on various websites, you can see the rooms.  I think the zebra room would be cool.  Though I highly doubt I can sleep in it.  Now, we are in this hotel for the time we're in Sofia which I believe is 4 nights.  I'm sure I have slept in worse places.  Trust me on that one.  I will not ever stay at a Motel 6 again where they leave the light on for you.  They leave the light on so it scares the roaches.  And those roaches were huge!  So, if this hotel is minus the roaches, I'm good.  I've always been under the impression you should embrace the chaos instead of let it rule you.  There is nothing I could do to change arrangements if I wanted to.  Plus, who knows, we may be pleasantly surprised by our stay.  Please those new to adoption, always obey those 3 rules up there.  That way, you can be open to new experiences...whatever they may be.  


  1. Oh my....well, at least you should have an interesting story to share with your kids one day :) Hope all goes well with your trip!

  2. I would venture to say that you may very well be treated better than you've ever been treated. I know several gay people and they are truly some of the kindest folks I know. While I may not believe in the same things they do, I refuse to judge them for their choices. That will happen for all of us at some point, but only by our G*d. So keep an open mind and enjoy the facilities. : ) ~ jo

  3. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!
    Take some rainbow colored items to wear and they will welcome you with open arms!

    All part of the adventure!

  4. That made me smile as I sit here waiting in our very small apt we rented!!! We are waiting for our signature to move along!! I will think of you in your "happy" hotel! :) Can't wait to read more when you get there! Safe travels! Too bad we couldn't meet half way between! We may be closer over here then in the states! LOL