Friday, June 10, 2011

T- 1 day! Nerves have set in

I actually can't believe I'm able to finally write this post.  We leave tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Whatever isn't done, just isn't going to get done.  I have learned that the house being totally sparkling clean is just not that important.  I wanted it really nice when Rebecca comes.  I just don't want her to feel like she has to clean up the mess that 7 kids leave.  Definitely NOT.  My kids know it is their responsibility.  Bottom line. Once I stopped stressing about having the house neat as anything, I relaxed a bit more.  Not much, but a bit.  All the things that I wanted done before we left, did NOT get done.  I did not get all the school messes straightened out.  I did NOT get the car washed.  I did NOT get the trumpet found.  I did NOT get the homeschool cirriculum picked out. I did NOT get it all done.  I tried.  Gosh, I gave it a good shot.  But for me, I had to weigh what was more important.  After thinking maybe Bojan had strep last night(no, & long story) & Alaska tore her pad off her paw, I realized the here & NOW, the preparing all the stuff to go , preparing the kids for our departure is way more important than that to do list that I'm never getting all to done.  So, I have moved on.

I went to an IEP meeting for Alex this morning.  I informed the school I'm coming to withdraw all my kids from public school.  Again, separate post after we return as to why we are going to homeschool them.  It was an emotional meeting for all of us for sure.  But, we have to keep in mind what is best for Alex.  For now, homeschooling is what is best for him.  Alex qualifies for language therapy based on his processing issues.  His IQ has dipped which has been the norm for all my FAS kids as they get older.  They will start to reach a certain plateau.  Someone explained it best once.  There is only so much room in their brains for information.  As you get older and learn more, some of the old info must get dumped to make room for new info as there is limited space in their brains so to speak.  I do really not know if this is true or is the case.  I just know, So far, the 3 that have come before him, this IS indeed the case.  All scores have dropped as they've aged.  I know it's hard for others to understand.  I'll explain it again one day once I ever get that FAS post up with links included to various research and things. 

Anyhow, meeting went well and they were very gracious and doors are always opened.  Nice to know for sure.  went onto the chiropractor.  Hoping to get rid of this kink in my neck before take off tomorrow.  Then went to local farmer & picked up our weekly veggies & fruits.  Made a deal w/ the local farmer so really does help.  Still costs us a fortune to feed them but any little discount helps.  We got a case of blueberries, watermelon, 2 cantelopes, peaches, 56 apples, 18 ears of corn, two giant bags of potatoes, zucchini, tomoatoes, & much, much more!  Called USAA and made sure our credit card was activated & notified.  Since we normally don't use credit cards(seriously, only time ever used is on adoption trips), we must make sure they don't think we're making fradulent charges.  Getting ready to register w/ embassy.  And pack. No ,still haven't packed.  Don't be surprised if it is done tomorrow an hour before we gone.  Hey, we go w/ the flow here.  Need to go to Walmart later and swim my laps. 

Going to miss things for sure while gone.  Reality is truly hitting me.

Alyona this afternoon said "Mommy, I'm going to miss you."  Oh, cut me w/ a knife way don't you.  It was all I could do NOT to cry.  Really was.  Alyona and Nik have never been through this experience before.  I know it will be tough on them.  Yet, I know it will help them grow to.  They need to know mom & dad will come back for them.  Still, does not make it any easier for them.  Or for me.  Lots to do so I must go.  May write something later, don't know.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Can't wait for ours to really start.  This is the beginning of the journey.  Right here, right now.  No turning back.  Going full throttle.  Pushing forward.  Despite any fears.  Despite any unknowns.  We're doing this. One last time.  This is a new country for us.  New dx's.  Some serious ones at that.  New orphanages.  New plan.  We know it took a lot for us to reach this point.  We also know full well we could not have done this w/out everyone's help.  We really couldn't.  Way too many folks to thank.  And hence begins our journey of a life time.  Stay tuned for much more to come the next few days.  I can only imagine. 

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