Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Knoebels (part VII)

Okay, we are back to our summer vacation photos.  Hope you don't mind being bombarded w/ photos of the kids.  We are now on Day 3 of this trip.  This would be from Saturday's events.

 This was the morning we were going to leave for the amusement park.  We must keep routine even when traveling.  My kids know this.  They know their chores despite housekeeping making the beds everyday.  They know that they have to do it just as at home.  I didn't even have to ask this day! 

And this is where we went!  Knoebels in PA.  It is a very shady park which makes it really nice in the summer to visit.  My grandparents took us here as kids every single summer.  Was wonderful.  

 Alyona's birthday was yesterday.  So, on Saturday she got to open an early birthday present from her Nana.  She got some really cool clothes, a hat and sunglasses.  She is styling now for sure!  Alex also got his b-day present early and got clothes as well. 

 Irina very excited to be going to an amusement park. 

Nik, just chilling on a table.  Max, holding up his finger deciding whether or not it is about to rain & spoil the fun.  What do you think happened?

It started coming down in buckets.  I mean just absolutely raining cats and dogs.  It was short lived though and that's what counts.  Plenty of time to enjoy the park.

 Alyona and Alex's first amusement ride ever!  Nik was too scared to go on.  You will not see a whole lot of pictures of the older kids as we let them go off by themselves & meet up every so often.  Worked out really well.

We convinced Nik to go on the next ride.  His first ride ever.  He LOVED it!  They were balloons that went up in the air a pretty good ways.

Once Nik got started, there was no stopping him.  We had Alyona, Nik and Alex w/ us.  We hung out mostly w/ my cousin and her kids as their daughter & Alyona are pretty much inseparable.  Worked out really well for everyone.

Many more pictures from the rides to come.  The kids had such a wonderful time for sure and thankful we had this opportunity.  It was a very generous gift for my parents to pay for all the rides.  Can't thank them enough for that.  The kids used all but 4 tickets!  Much more to come but it is Tuesday and I do have things to get done today and calls to make.  Stay tuned for more.  You may get sick of photos by the end of the vacation posts. 

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