Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Tasty treat (part VI)

Well, believe it or not, we are still on Day 2 of this trip in pictures.  We finally left Chocolate Town with full bellies. 

 On the way home we saw this cross from the distance on top of the mountain.  Was in the middle of all these trees.  Way up high.  So, I zoomed in and took a shot.  Just thought it was neat to see in the middle of the mountain tops. A reminder of sorts of the beauty out there.

 We stayed in a budget inn.  Prices were not bad compared to the rest in the area.  And, all the campgrounds were booked.  Some big event going on.

It is called the Patriot Inn.  Nothing fancy but served its purpose well.  It was clean, staff was super nice and it was a super convenient location for us.  No, it did not have all the fancy upgrades but we were there to sleep only.  You make compromises on trips when you have a big family sometimes.  We had clean beds, clean bathrooms, a roof over our heads & that was fantastic for us.  Plus, it was really funny to see the kids work the toilets which were the old toilets where you had to hold down the handle.  And, no automatic faucets at this hotel.  Yet, they still had a tv w/ a remote.  Kids found that very easily.  LOL.  We all dreamed big w/ HGTV shows.  

 Just because we didn't eat enough junk at Hershey, we had to go out for ice cream after dinner at the hotel.  We had turkey sandwiches, maccaroni salad, pretzels and water for dinner.  Then, it was off to an old spot my grandparents used to take us when we would visit them every summer. 

 Got all the kids a small.  Trust me, their smalls are huge.  Soft ice cream.  told the kids they could get whatever they wanted.  Yana, Irina and I got hot fudge sundaes.  The rest got dip cones.  Nik was putting his cone in a cup as it was falling apart.  He couldn't eat it fast enough.

 Those booths have been the exact same since I was a little girl.  Same menus too!  In addition, the lighting has not changed one bit.  Name of the restaurant is May's Drive In.  We would walk here after a swim at my grandparents' house every summer. 

I think they enjoyed the ice cream as much as I did.  Place has not changed one bit.  And the ice cream is just as sweet as before.  We met a young lady that also had implants and spoke w/ her for quite some time.  She was implanted at age 7.  Does not speak in a regular voice but is easily understood.  She can read lips too.  Just graduated high school.  Very wonderful to speak with her and get her opinion on things.  From someone who has been where Nik is going.  Was a great conversation.  

We met so many interesting people that day.  At Hershey too.  Met two women from Moldova.  So many neat folks to speak to.  Love hearing the stories of others and how their life has been formed.  Never dull.  Kids decided that day that we will get a shuttle bus.  Funny, we've been trying to sell that stupid idea for about 2 years now to them.  And, we're serious.  We have now realized our van is FULL when the other 3 come home.  There will be room for no extras, no kids I sit, not all the suitcases for trips, etc.  Just not enough room.  We love our van.  Got it off ebay used.  We are checking our options right now.  Thought of an old bus that we could fix up.  Who knows.  Have plenty of time to think about it but checking out options never hurts.  And, now the kids are "for it" so we're good.  LOL.  Well, this is my 7th post for the day.  I'm done.  Write more tomorrow.  Tomorrow will actually be DAY 3 of our trip.  can't wait to tell you all about that.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  Bojan is spending the night elsewhere as is Yana and Irina.  Quiet w/ just 4 kids here.  More to come tomorrow.  Told you I'd take some pictures. 

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