Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- part 1 in pics!

Oh, so much to tell and show you all.  We had the best time!  Picture time.

Before the big trips, we make tie dye t-shirts for all of us to wear.  We only do this on bigger trips w/ big crowds.  Even my older kids have trouble w/ memory due to the frontal lobe brain damage from the FAS.  So, this just makes things a bit easier for everyone.  We can clearly see each other.  We did this in D.C. and really helped in the metro areas.

Now, here would be the problem this time.  Yana decided to help.  Why on earth I didn't check behind her, I'll never know.  She grabbed the wrong bag of t-shirts. URGHH!!!  He & Alex looked like some 80's dancers.  It was hilarious.  But, obviously we could not use these.  No biggie.  I knew Hershey would not be too bad.  But was concerned w/ Knoebels.  

 Before we left, life still went on as usual.  One of the "littles" and Alyona doing Yana's hair.  And makeup.  Yana was a good sport.

 Can't believe I'm even putting this up here.  This was AFTER Alyona and the "littles' " helped do my makeup. Hence, the red glow all over my face.  And they did my hair.  Lovely, huh?  Nik wanted me to make a heart w/ him and take a picture. 

We intended to leave at 7am.  And, at 8:30, we rolled out of the driveway.  We have yet to be on time anywhere.  Nik made a tongue out of his gum b/c he said he wanted to be a frog.  Why my son took his winter jacket in a 100 degree weather, I'll never know.  

 We stopped at the VA welcome center to have lunch.  Had PBJ, oranges, string cheese, chips & Pepsi.  Good lunch to eat outside and smell some air other than the inside of the van.  Was very pleasant out. 

More of the kids chit chatting and waiting to hit the road again.  It's a 9 hour drive.  We hadn't gone far.  Kids were all deciding on what rides to go on despite not being there before.  Excitement was in the air & you could tell.  

 A view of the Susquehana River.  Kids couldn't believe how big it was.  Nor could they believe that we were finally in PA.  LOL. 

 At the hotel, we got two rooms.  Well, they came w/ two double beds each.  Meaning, we had to adjust the sleeping arrangements for 3.  So, Alex, Nik & Bojan slept across the bed instead of vertical.  It worked.  Obviously, in the next few months we'll have to find a solution as 3 rooms would be impossible to work.  Looking into converting an old bus into an RV.  That is a whole other post. 

Ahh, breakfast in bed.  To cut costs, we always bring our own food and go out to eat once on a  trip.  This trip was no different.  Had lunch from the coolers.  Breakfast this morning was bagels w/ cream cheese, blueberries and orange juice.  Works for us.  No breakfast was included w/ this hotel.  

Many, many more pictures to come. Next post is from Friday's adventure to Chocolate Town, USA...aka Hershey, PA!  Can't wait to share those pics.  Had to get something posted today.  So far behind but boy was it super nice to enjoy a few days away from electronics.  Kids too.  Stay tuned for more of the Boyds' adventure to Hershey's Chocolate World.

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