Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Knoebels (part IX)

Still on day 3 of this trip to PA.  We went to an amusement park called Knoebels.  Our grandparents used to take us there every single summer.  It's a wonderful place for families and not too expensive.  BTW, that $3 funnel cake was worth every single penny!  I have not had a funnel cake for years upon years.  Too bad I shared this one.  LOL.  Well, probably a good thing I shared it.

 Great time dancing outside the gift shop.  I stepped in to get a magnet and a postcard.  See, we get a magnet from wherever we go to.  It's a cheap souvenier.  We also bought a postcard as I'm going to do something at the end of the year. I'm going to fill a glass jar w/ momentos from the year & happenings.  We'll do this over Christmas break.  A time capsule and then display on the mantel.  Wished I'd done this for all my previous years.  Hey, better late than never. 

 Okay, I know you can't see what's going on.  Look for a moment.  Why do you think their jets are on the ground and the others in the air?  Any guesses?  Well, Nik was screaming & terrified the entire time.  Didn't get it as he went on other rides worse than this one.  So, Alex big brother kept them on the ground.  

Alyona on the other hand had a fabulous time in this thing.  

 Nik, right after he went on the terror jets.  I figured we'd do something easy.  He was worried at first.  He went on this twice.  Once by himself & once w/ Alyona. 

 I think he's just fine now.  No issues at all. 

Jordan and Max.  Jordan is Max's cousin.  He adores Maxwell.  And Max is so good with him.  Plays with him and everything.  He will make a great dad one day for sure.  Though now Max said he doesn't want to date. I said why?  His response was b/c girls suck too much money out of you.  Teenage boys.

 Some of the kids in attendance.  The tall kid in the blue shirt I believe is the same age as Alyona...12yo if I'm not mistaken.  Find Alyona.  Gives you an idea of how small she is. 

 Despite being terrified of the red jets, Nik loved going up this thing.

 Waiting in line for the ferris wheel.  Why they are signing Dad, I'm not sure.

Some of my kiddos and Warren up in the air.  They all had a good time.  Umm, I don't do heights.  Remember the mountain in Shumen?  Miracle I made it to the top.  Rocking back & forth on a ferris wheel way up high, not my cup of tea.  Thank goodness the kids have Warren.  Hence, why he used to be a pilot.  Not afraid of heights.  I'm a chicken and can willingly admit it.  

I have one more picture installment from our trip.   Tons going on here at Chaos Manor.  Tons.  More in another post tomorrow.  I'll have a brief post on what new things are happening here and one more picture post of Knoebels.  Then, back to life at Chaos Manor.  Never dull.  Have a great evening everyone. 

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