Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Chocolate Town USA (part IV)

We're still on day two of our trip. It was such a long day that I broke it up into a few posts.  This post is still day 2 of our trip when we went to Hershey, PA.  After lunch, we went to tour the museum down town and go here:

This is the Chocolate Lab in the museum part of the complex.  It is where we learned about making chocolate and got to experience a bit of making it.

 While waiting for the chocolate lab, Max was admiring the Apostolic Clock.  It was made by John Fiester who toured PA with it & charge 10 cents to see it.  Was considered the "9th wonder" for awhile.  It features a procession of Christ's 12 Apostles.  Mr. Hershey acquired the clock in 1935.  It was made in 1878.  

No idea why Max & Alex have those faces.  Anyhow, one of our teams getting ready to make the chocolate.  

 The other team anxiously awaiting to receive their ingredients to create the candy bar.  Hey, you can't come to Hershey and not make chocolate.

Oh yeh.  Our boys getting ready to start the first part.  Putting the chocolate in the mold.  Then, they will decide what ingredients they want for their own personal candy bar.  Bojan wanted plain milk chocolate.  Alex put ALL marshmellows in his and hardly any chocolate.  Doesn't surprise me.  Warren chose sprinkles.  Alyona's was a disgusting combo of just about anything.  Irina and I chose white chocolate chips to go w/ our milk chocolate bars.  Neat to see what everyone picks.

 Got to love that face.  She is totally in her element here.  Loving it.

My team getting all their candy bars ready.  Marshmellows, white chocolate chips, raisins(seriously, who picks that for a candy bar?!), sprinkles, and fruity pebbles were ingredients you could chose from.  Very cute.  

 Warren helping to make the candy bars and put them on the try for refridgeration.  The map on the walls show you where the cocao beans come from and just where they can get them.  The only place in the US to get them is Hawaii and you have to eat Hawaiian chocolate to get them b/c they do not export them.  Interesting the things we learned. 

Warren, being one of the kids and goofing around.  Got to love it.  Sometimes it is hard to tell who is having more fun.  Though some times he protests some of the places we go to, he ends up having just as much fun as the kids.  BTW, I know I'll probably never hear the end of me posting this picture.  

Next post will be the rest of the chocolate lab.  There were just too many things to share and good pictures.  After that, it will be what we did that evening, Friday.  Told you all we did a lot of stuff on this trip.  I think I may slip in a quick manic Monday post next.  Who knows.  Well, more to come.  This is my fourth post today.  I'm lucky it's raining.  Hope you're enjoying the pictures as much as we enjoyed going there.  It truly was a blast. 

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