Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Chocolate Town USA (part V)

Back to picture posts.  I left you all downtown in Chocolate Town USA.  We were at the chocolate lab making our own candy bars.  Time to pick up where we left off.  This is still Day 2 of our trip.  It was Friday.

 Nik & the kids learning just where those cocao beans come from.  And, we got a taste of the nibs.  Yuck!  How someone thought to make something from these beans is beyond me.  Genius for sure.  These pods hold like 40 beans inside I think they said.  May have heard that wrong.  These pods are so, so big. I truly was shocked.  And, they still collect & dry them all by hand still as they have done for years.  Amazing.

 Can you believe just how big this cocao pod is from the trees?!  It was huge!

Ahh, our proud team of their finished candy bar.  And no, they did not last back to the van.  Nor to the shuttle for that matter.  We did wait, sort of, till we got outside to eat most of it.

 Do you think he enjoyed this part of the trip? 

 Don't know what happened to Alex's hair.  His candy bar.  Of course totally filled as much as possible w/ marshmellows.

Another Hershey Kiss light.  This one w/ the wrapper.  Very cute.  

 Now, is that a look of satisfaction or what?  This was right after he ate the candy bar. 

Another beautiful day on vacation.  In the back of this picture is a tower.  The thing in the middle goes up & day and has hershey kiss windows for people to look at the view of the city.  I would have loved to have gone up it but think it was in the amusement part of the park.  Not sure really.  Looked really cool to do but was very short time they stayed at the top.  

 Picture of the bunch.  Sorry it was blurry.  Alyona wanted to keep her chocolate lab apron and hair net on. 

Picture of the Hershey factory in the background.  The real deal.  I could never work in the factory.  I'd be fired the very first day for eating the product.  

Was a really wonderful experience at Hershey and I highly recommend it to people and families.  So much to do.  You can not do it all in one day.  There is that much to do.  There is also the amusement park part of it.  We did not do any of that for obvious reasons.  All of us had such a wonderful time there that we'd go again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.  Staying at one of the Hershey Hotels would be a dream of ours.  You have to check them out online.  Beautiful is an understatement.  Part 6 is coming in the next post.  Going for a walk first.  We just did Alyona's cake & she got her presents.  She was absolutely thrilled w/ the baby dolls we got her.  Her favorite thing to do. I know she is 12 and not many 12 or 13yo's would be interested in baby dolls.  Alyona is mentally at about age 4 or 5 so that is how we treat her.  Frankly, I love the fact that she still plays baby dolls every single day.  Trust me, they'll be plenty of time for her to grow up.  For now, we go at her pace.  Got to go.  Need to walk off some cake.  More pics to come.  Of course.  Just love sharing our adventure.

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