Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Chocolate Town USA (part III)

Left off with us at Chocolate World.  After a morning filled of touring, we then decided to head off site for our out to lunch meal. We all could not wait.  Now, we've seen the commercials forever yet had never been here:

 Alright, stupid pictures loaded in the wrong order.  We went to Red Robin.  My kids said we need one of these mom...a tv in the floor.  Umm, no.  they thought it was so cool.  All of them. 

 Here's some of them deciding what they were going to order.  We pretty much all got burgers and water to drink.  The burgers were the BEST we've ever tasted.  Loved it! 

Yep, this is where we ate...Red Robin...yumm.  We heard that song the whole way home any time we passed a restaurant.  It was enough to fuel us up and we headed back to park at Chocolate World and then take the shuttle to the chocolate museum down town.  

 Hershey, PA is just a beautiful place.  So well kept, so green everywhere you look.  The people are so welcoming as well.  Just a nice place to visit.  Says welcome Hershey up above. 

Next place we went to was down town to the Museum.  We decided on doing the museum experience and also the chocolate lab  

The light posts in the town are chocolate kisses.  Both wrapped and unwrapped.  Flowers everywhere as well.  It's just gorgeous here.

 Some of the kids listening to facts they learned.  They were all impressed that Mr. Hershey never gave up his dream.  Despite failing in both New York and Philadelphia, he pressed on.  The Carmel Company of Lancaster was a success but he had bigger dreams of chocolate.  Folks thought him crazy for selling it all to build his chocolate dream but he did it and look where it took him.  Good chance for kids to learn determination, hard work and the concept of never giving up.  Dream big kids!

 All the kids in front of the entrance of the museum.  So much we all learned there.  It was truly informational.  All the products that did not make it.  And how Hershey was not competitive.  Even let Mr. Reece develop candy using his equipment.  And we all know about Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.  Wow!

One of his great legacy's however, was opening up a school for orphaned boys.  I was really surprised to learn this and just how much he was involved with this school.  It is truly amazing what all they did there.  So, so many lives were indeed by Mr. Hershey.  So many lives all because one man  never gave up his dream and could see beyond the here and now.

 The kids had so many opportunities to do some interactive games and to read about inventions and Hershey's history.  They were all stunned to learn that the Hershey Kisses used to get wrapped individually by HAND!  Yep, it's true.  They'd pay kids by the piece to wrap them up.  Give them 5 lbs to work with.  

The artificial heart was also done at the Hershey Medical Center.  Like I said, he impacted so many lives for generations to come.  It was truly inspiring to learn about the man and all he did for people around him.  

Storms and lightening around me so getting off the computer.  Next post will be about the tour of the Chocolate Lab & us making our own candy bars.  Exciting and yummy!  Stay tuned for more later this evening. 

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