Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer trip 2011-- Chocolate Town USA (part II)

Well, left off w/ our day 1.  This will be day 2.  Our trip to Hershey, PA.  Aka...chocolate town!  We learned so,so much from here & took some new perspectives home with us for sure.  It was more than just chocolate.

 First stop was Chocolate World!  Looks fantastic from the outside and even better on the inside.  So much to do here & couldn't do it all. 

 They have a free little tour of how chocolate is made.  Great way to start off going to chocolate world.  Kids learned stuff and you realize just how much there is to this process.  It was great.

Come out of the tour and get a glimpse of the gift shop.  Yes, it is all candy and Hershey goodness.  Oh, and this is a very, very small section of the souvenier shop.  Very small.  It was SO tempting.  You got free candy bars after every little thing you did at chocolate world.  Was surprised we'd be hungry for lunch later.

After touring chocolate world, we took in a 3-D show.  We caught a break & tickets were just $2.95 for the kids and $3.95 for the adults.  Not bad at all.  No cameras are allowed inside so no pictures to share.  It was SO cool though.  And, best part was even Alyona could see it in 3-D!  There was question as if she'd be able to w/ all her eyesight issues.  But she got to enjoy it too.  Fun for all.  

 Around chocolate world, there are all kinds of Hershey characters walking around saying hello.  We met the Hershey Kiss. 

Even the big kids didn't mind hugging the kiss.  Something about him just makes you want to smile.  Or, maybe it is the smell of all that chocolate that you're surrounded by.  

 This was the gang before we went to be factory workers.  It shows you a glimpse of the hershey kisses process. 

 The sorting process and putting them into containers. 

 The older kids were actually good sports about all this and participated.  Though we had some of the teens make faces, they did it.  We didn't force them.  LOL.  Secretly, I think they like doing this stuff & are happy they have younger sibs so that they can do the silly stuff too. 

 It wouldn't be a vacation w/out at least one of the Boyd kids spilling something.  Alyona spilled her box of hershey kisses.  They went to pick them up but the lady wouldn't let them.  Apparently, once on the floor, they are contaminated.  Hmm, she must have never heard of the ten second rule there.  I know, they must do it that way but my kids thought they were crazy for throwing perfectly wrapped candy away. 

Outside of chocolate world waiting to go to the van.  We were going to go take a lunch break and then head back here.  So, next post will be our lunch and then what we did next part of our trip.  LOTS packed into these couple of days.  Yes, parents w/ special needs kids and FASers, you CAN take them places.  You just have to time stuff right and really know what to do ahead of time.  We get this question asked a lot... how do you vacation with FAS kids?  I will write a post on that but first thought I'd finish up our vacation pictures.  More to come!  Going to storm possibly so shutting this down.  And, have to make icing for Alyona's cake.  She's 12yo today! 

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